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Let 2021 be your year

We believe that you deserve a life well-traveled. That’s why we invite you to join one of our unique trips to discover off the beaten path destinations and secret gems of the world, connect and make memories with fellow young solo travelers from all around the world. 

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A selection of exceptional adventures

Each of our adventure trips is uniquely created for you by our local travel experts. From sailing in Greece to taking a hot air balloon flight in Myanmar, TripLegend has something to offer for everyone who is fueled by the idea of adventure.

11 days | 15 guests | 13 experiences

The Pearl of the Caucasus

From wine-tasting in ancient and beautiful Tbilisi to hiking the Caucasus mountains, Georgia offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy and experience a country filled with nature, diversity, art, and history. Join us and encounter a destination that is little known but has much to offer.

8 days | 8 guests | 1 Catamaran

A Sailing Dream

Whether you prefer relaxing at the beach or sailing the shining Greek sea, you will not be disappointed with your trip to Greece. The country has the most beautiful islands, where you can watch breathtaking sunsets and drink your ouzo while toasting to life. Get ready for a sun-soaked trip filled with culture, history, and adventure.

17 days | 15 guests | 27 experiences

Golden Temples & Sunrise Balloon Flights

Let us show you Myanmar from its most beautiful side, taking the less traveled road and immersing ourselves into the local culture. From staggering golden temples to colorful street markets and isolated island communities, you will discover the country from an insider’s perspective.

How we make our trips COVID-19 safe

Your health matters, we take care of that.

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Local impact with expert guides

Discover the hidden gems of our world together with our expert guides like Oliver in Myanmar.

Sustainable travel matters

As an advocate of eco-friendly tourism we're here to help all travelers create a sustainable travel environment.

Just bring your suitcase

When on holiday, you want to experience your destination & forget your busy work life. When joining our trips, we take care of everything and ensure that your travel experience is perfect. You just need to bring your suitcase.


Unique adventures organized by local experts according to your desires

New friendships

Connect with new friends & join a community of explorers & adventurers


Accommodation, food, logistics & experiences included