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Golden Temples and Sunrise Balloon Flights

Discover with us Myanmar’s pristine landscapes, its vibrant culture and hidden gems


17 days, 16 nights

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About Your Myanmar Trip

Myanmar has only recently become accessible for tourism and is now inviting you to enjoy its spectacular scenery, vibrant mix of ancient culture, and abundance of hidden gems waiting to be discovered by you.

Let us show you Myanmar from its most beautiful side, taking the less traveled road and immersing ourselves into the local culture. From staggering golden temples to colorful street markets and isolated island communities, you will discover the country from an insider’s perspective by getting to know local people and their way of living.

Nail-biting train trips, traditional longtail riverboats, and an exclusive balloon flight will allow you to understand and explore this magical country truly.
Let’s go!

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What's included?

Accommodation in twin rooms
Expert local guide
18 delicious meals
Private transport, domestic flight & train
27 unique experiences
1 booking = 1 tree planted
Min. 4 participants

Remember, visa, flights, travel insurance & vaccinations aren’t included and prices are based on sharing a twin room. If you’d like to upgrade to a single room, you can add this during the booking process.

This trip is carbon neutral
This trip is COVID-19 safe

Your Guide

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Welcome to Myanmar!

Hey, I'm Oliver!

I will be your guide on your Myanmar trip, and I will show you around my country. I have been working as a guide for more than six years already and can show you all the hidden spots and incredible experiences. I would like to introduce you to my view of my home country, show you our culture, the way we travel, and of course, our food. We will also explore my favorite place in Myanmar together, Bagan. It’s such a magical place, and you will, for sure, be stunned after the sunrise balloon flight.

I really look forward to meeting you and show you my home country in a special and unique way.
See you in Myanmar!

Special offer only until 30. November 2020!​

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Your Itinerary

Myanmar balloon

Day 1 | Mandalay

Welcome to Myanmar!

Welcome to Myanmar! Let’s embark on a Myanmar trip of a lifetime, leaving no rock unturned and immersing ourselves into the local life as few have done before.

Arriving at the airport, you might feel a bit lost, considering the unknown Burmese language on all the signs. But don’t worry, we will have a private shuttle waiting for you to ease the transition into the upcoming adventure. The rest of the day, you will have time to arrive, relax or maybe already explore some of the city’s sights.

Day 2 | Mandalay

Gold Gold Gold, Baby

We will dive right in and visit the holiest of all places – a place of worship primarily frequented by locals. Expect an overwhelming abundance of gold-plated beauty!

Mandalay, the country’s second-largest city, is bustling with life in the streets and may seem chaotic at times. Yet, the city has played an important historical role, explaining the incredible golden statues, temples, and pagodas.
We will visit the world-famous Mahamuni-Buddha, whose gold layer is increasing every year, followed by the majestic Golden Palace Monastery with its impressive Buddist wood carvings, golden motives, and glass mosaic work that represent the traditional Burmese architectural style.

The evening shall be dedicated to Mandalay Hill, an ancient pilgrimage site, where our guide will explain to us the significance of today’s sights while taking in the view over the city.



Swimming in a Lush Waterfall and the British Legacy

Leaving the busy city behind, we will be enjoying some lush nature by swimming in a waterfall and exploring traces of the British colonial legacy.

After learning about how Buddhism is still heavily intertwined in the culture and the locals’ daily lives, we will leave the city chaos behind us and embark on a journey to Pyin Oo Lwin. You might be surprised by the British colonial architecture awaiting us at a former Hill station.
After the short but mountainous drive, we will stretch our legs by exploiting one of Myanmar’s many waterfalls, followed by the country’s most beautiful botanical garden. The peacefulness will be a pleasant change to Mandalay’s busy streets and can be extended by a carriage ride through the town. We will rest in a cozy hotel to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s adventure.

Day 4 | Pindaya

The Nail-biting Train Ride

Don’t look down! Our local train ride will offer breathtaking views over the lush mountainous scenery while exposing us to some heights that will get your heart pumping.

We will have an early start to catch an authentic train that will carry us through the lush landscape of the state of Shan. Expect a train full of locals and air conditioning typically being provided by the open windows and doors, so hold your hats, kiss the wind, and enjoy the ride.

Along the way, we will pass the scenic Goteik Viaduct, where we will be offered a fantastic view of the landscape and a nail-biting experience as the train is creeping slowly over the single rail trestle built by the English in 1900, exposing a steep drop on both sides.

An experience you will certainly not forget, but for some, the car waiting for us on the side might be a pleasant sight, as it will bring us to our hotel in Pindaya just in time for sunset.

train myanmar
Inle lake

Day 5 | Inle Lake

Sacred Cave, Young Monks and a Longtail Boat

After our thrilling train ride, it is time to explore a more tranquil, but much more traditional way of transportation: the Burmese longtail boat used by fishermen for decades!

Today we will visit a sacred cave in Pindaya, a pilgrimage site famous for its countless golden Buddha statues stretching across a beautiful limestone ridge.

Our Myanmar trip will continue to the peaceful Shwe Yan Pyay monastery, where we observe the tranquil lifestyle of novice monks. The warm colors, the teak wood carvings, and the overall calmness of this place provide a wonderful theme for some photography.

However, the highlight of the day will be our boat trip across the vast Inle Lake, home to many fishermen still using a traditional and unique leg-rowing technique. You will be surprised at what these men are capable of.
Having arrived at our lake-side boutique hotel, you will have the opportunity to relax or continue exploring by bike surrounding vineyards.

Day 6 | Inle lake

Traditional Lake Life and Exquisite Silk

Prepare yourself to get an intimate perspective of the traditional lake life, from one-leg rowing fishermen to the ancient tradition of hand-weaving exquisite lotus silk – one of the world’s most expensive fabrics.

We will take the day to zoom across the lake in small boats, get to know the people, the local culture, and some traditional artisanry and craftsmanship. From locals growing fruits and vegetables in floating gardens to fishermen rowing their boats with one leg – the people here have clearly adapted to their wet front yard.

One particular highlight of the region is the local silk production. In an old Burmese tradition, local women hand-weave silks using only a fabric made from lotus flowers.

After a traditional lunch served in a restaurant, we will also take a detour to Indein, a magical place on the eastern shore where countless half-collapsed pagodas form a magnificent picture.

In the afternoon, we will return to our boutique hotel to rest and process today’s experiences.

Breakfast & Lunch
wine tasting

Day 7 | Inle Lake

Myanmar’s First Vineyard

Wine in Southeast Asia? Let us enjoy an exclusive wine tasting while watching the sunset over the lush mountain slopes in Myanmar’s first vineyard.

One might not expect Myanmar to be found on the global wine-making map, but in recent years the country’s 150 days of the sun gave birth to Myanmar’s first vineyard.

Hidden in the Shan state’s fertile mountainous slopes, the owners have been committed to their pioneering work and are now eager to share their experiences. We invite you to enjoy an exclusive wine tasting while overlooking the vast property in the setting evening sun. 

The rest of the day, we will kick back and enjoy the pool in our hotel, reflect on the diverse impressions collected so far, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime. It’s a holiday after all, right?

Day 8 | Kalaw

Local Train & Swimming With Elephants

Expect the unexpected when taking a local train in Myanmar. Once we arrived, an elephant sanctuary allows us to approach these beautiful animals respectfully.

Leaving the lake behind, we will embark on a train towards Kalaw, passing through the southern part of the state of Shan and offering us fascinating local perspectives. The train has scheduled stops, where locals load various products into the train to be distributed across the country. During the stops, we have time to leave the train and observe this procedure. You might be surprised by what this train will be transporting. Spoiler: everything!

In Kalaw, another former British hill station, we will leave the busy train terminal behind and head to an elephant sanctuary. In Myanmar, elephants are widely exploited as working animals in various industries. In the country’s first international certified center for elephant care, we will have the opportunity to experience these animals’ beauty up close while supporting an excellent initiative that has put the well-being of these ‘retired’ elephants into the center.


Day 9 | Bagan

3000 Temples & a Colorful Market

Welcome aboard our plane to Bagan, where we will jump back into the colorful craziness of local markets and explore some of the 3000 temples by horse carriage.

Today we will head to Bagan – a city with nearly stunning 3000 temples waiting to be discovered. We will embark on a small plane, where the flight in itself will already be a short adventure.

Having arrived, we shall dive right back into the bustling city life, visiting the local market where we most likely will encounter some of the colorful produce we saw on the train yesterday. Our guide will be happy to explain and let you taste any fruit that might seem foreign to you.

From the market, we will head to the Shwezigon Pagoda – an incredible gold-plated architectural wonder.

We will take a quick breather in our hotel (and maybe a dip in the pool) before taking a horse carriage through windy roads up into the temples.


Day 10 | Bagan

The Sunrise Balloon Flight

This is the day you have been waiting for – an exclusive sunrise balloon flight over the iconic temples of Bagan. It’s worth getting up early for!

Sometimes, to grasp the beauty of a place, you need to change your perspective and take a step backward. Even better, though, would be a sunrise flight in a hot-air balloon to see the dazzling temples standing tall in the luscious green landscape, gently illuminated by the warm morning sun.

An exclusive balloon for our group and following the longstanding tradition of a champagne breakfast, this excursion will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a highlight of the Myanmar trip.

We will further explore the most important and impressive temples that you might have already spotted from above.

local market

Day 11 | Salay

The Less Traveled Road

Traveling the less traveled road will lead us on a journey to a secret spot with the most authentic markets and other hidden gems waiting to be discovered by us.

Today we will leave Bagan again and travel the road less traveled towards Salay – a small town on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwady River. Along the way, we will stop in a secret location to explore the most authentic market, where it will be unlikely to encounter other tourists. Let’s try to preserve this spot and keep it secret?

Not many people leave Bagan’s comfort and grandeur, which gives us the unique opportunity to discover hidden gems in the village of Salay and along the way. Our guide knows the area well!
We will check into our beautiful guesthouse and wander around the streets at our own pace.


Day 12 | Salay

An Island Community & Mountain Bikes

Some places are so isolated that it seems as if time has stood still. In the middle of the Ayeyarwady river, there is such a place that we will be exploring today.

After our rich breakfast in the guesthouse, a riverboat will bring us to an island where it seems as if nothing has changed in over 100 years. You will have the opportunity to visit the locals in their houses, the fields, or the only school on the island.

Depending on the day, we might get lucky and witness a village ceremony or even a wedding when everyone comes together and celebrates. Either way, the island holds many hidden surprises that are waiting to be discovered.

In the afternoon, we will dust off the mountain bikes and take them for a ride to a village close to Salay, with beautiful temples and monasteries scattered along the river bank waiting for us to visit.

mount popa

Day 13 | Naypyitaw

The Golden Temple on an Extinct Volcano

Dodging monkeys in a golden temple on top of an extinct volcano in the morning – relaxing by the pool of our luxury hotel in the evening. Sounds like a plan?

Zooming in a private bus through the country, we will have a few stops along the way, such as the famous Mount Popa. On the country’s only extinct volcano, a sacred pilgrimage site has been built on the peak, offering us an incredible view of the surroundings while enjoying our well-deserved lunch break. But beware of the monkeys!

After two weeks traveling across Myanmar, only today will we be using the country’s only “real” highway with our final destination being the capital city Naypyitaw. Here we will be staying in the luxurious Aureum Palace Hotel, one of the country’s most beautiful hotels. How about watching the glorious sunset from the pool?


Day 14 | Naypyitaw

The ‘Seat of the Kings’

In the city dubbed the ‘seat of the kings’, we will have a look at the astonishing architecture of the capital while living like kings ourselves!

Having spent a fantastic night in the hotel, we will explore some of the most important buildings in the capital city that are dubbed the ‘seat of the kings.’

After a lot of time spent in the rather rural parts of Myanmar, the national parliament’s incredibly massive building complex might seem intimidating at first, but impressive nevertheless. We will be getting an exclusive tour showing us the parliament’s ins and outs, followed by the Shwedagon Pagoda replica and possibly a visit to the gemstone museum.

Best of all, after a day of exploring, there is nothing sweeter than returning to our luxury hotel and enjoying the pool.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Day 15 | Yangon

The Mystic Sunset in the Modern City

Experience a magical evening in Myanmar’s most vibrant city: Yangon, a lively hub for art and commerce alike, while it’s colonial past continues to shape the city’s landscape.

In the morning, we will be leaving the capital and continuing our trip to Yangon – the country’s economic center, yet a place where many different cultures, languages, and religions meet. The large number of colonial buildings remaining in the downtown area is unrivaled in the region, giving the city an incredibly mystic atmosphere.

The highlight of the day will be walking among one of the holiest Buddhist shrines at sunset, as the sky turns into bright colors, illuminating the gold-covered temple in a wide variety of colors. Never before on the trip, has the holy past become so intertwined with the modern surroundings.


Day 16 | Yangon

The Ferry, the Rickshaws & the Secret Insider Tip

In an authentic bicycle rickshaw, we will be collecting some of our last memories in Myanmar by exploring traditional manufactories and visit a real insider tip.

Once again, we will be using new transportation methods to immerse ourselves more in-depth into the local lifestyle. Leaving Yangon, we will be taking a passenger ferry across the Yangon River to Dala. From 2022 a bridge will be connecting to the cities, as increased urbanization is anticipated. Right now, the town is rural and best known for its various manufactories for candles or wafers.
We will be riding in style and use the authentic bicycle rickshaw to get around. Afterward, our final stop will be a real insider tip not far from Yangon, soaking in some last impressions of our trip. Rounding up our time together in Myanmar, our guide will choose a suitable restaurant for our last dinner in Yangon for you.

Breakfast & Dinner

Day 17 | Yangon

Goodbye Myanmar!

Until the next adventure! We are looking forward to welcoming you again!

This morning we head to the airport, and you depart for home or to your next destination. If you’d like to extend your stay and explore the area further on your own, we’d be more than happy to provide suggestions for additional things to do and see.


Your Accommodation

Hotel with a spectacular view

Ayeyarwaddy River View Resort

With its fantastic rooftop terrace, this hotel invites you to relax after a day of exploring the city.

Why we stay here

After an exciting day of exploring Mandalay, there is nothing better than arriving back to a cozy hotel. Spend some time at the pool or enjoy a drink on the rooftop terrace with a perfect view of the Ayarwaddy River and get to know your co-travelers better.

Beautiful Bungalows in an impressive environment

Hotel Pyin Oo Lwin

This hotel offers you a spacious outside area, a pool, and a cozy inside lounge to chill after a long and eventful day.

Why we stay here

Separate bungalows that are located in a hilly environment and a beautiful garden area at your front door. This is the perfect retreat for our guests to enjoy the beauty of Myanmar. Enjoy your group time, whether in the garden or in the cozy lounge, it’s up to you.

Hotel in a picturesque surrounding

Ananta Inle Hotel

Located directly at the Inle lake, this hotel invites you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Myanmar. Mountain and lake view all at once and all of this from a fantastic pool.

Why we stay here

After a full day of exploring Inle lake and the local life there, this is the perfect place to feel home. This hotel provides you with everything you need to make sure you can make your best out of your time in this breathtaking location.

Hotel high above the town in the mountains

Hill Top Villa

Located high above the town of Kalaw, you can enjoy the view from a lovely wooden terrace.

Why we stay here

This tiny hotel provides its guests with a genuinely local experience. Small wooden rooms and houses, a lovely garden, and a view that you should definitely not miss out.

Pagodas even in the hotel

Umbra Hotel

When in Bagan, you will see many pagodas, some of them are even on the hotel property. Enjoy the view!

Why we stay here

With a fantastic garden area and traditional Myanmar pagodas in the hotel area, you have the perfect starting point to explore Bagan. In the evening, you can take a dip in the pool or take a look at the illuminated pagodas.

Hotel in the middle of a lush garden

Salay House

This small family-run hotel is located in the middle of a lush garden and directly faces the river.

Why we stay here

This small hotel directly run by the owners is furnished in traditional Myanmar style and offers a nice river view. With local staff and original surroundings, you will get the perfect Myanmar impression.

Travelers retreat

Aureum Resort

The hotel offers a great tropical garden area and pagodas to explore.

Why we stay here

By combining ancient Myanmar culture and style with modern amenities, you won’t miss anything in this hotel. The rooms are in typical Myanmar style, but with a stunning pool area and modern facilities, you have everything you need after a day of adventures. What about enjoying the sunset from the pool?

Perfect hotel for your last stop

Esperado Lake View Hotel

As your last stop on your trip, this hotel offers a perfect location. With a view over the whole city, pagodas, and the lake, this is the ideal spot.

Why we stay here

As your trip is slowly coming to an end, this hotel offers you a spectacular rooftop to get a last glimpse of Myanmar. Enjoy your last view of the city, the pagodas, and more! Grab a drink on the rooftop terrace with your co-travelers, and enjoy your time before saying goodbye.

Lake view hotel in a small town

Global Grace Hotel

In this small hotel, you can relax and enjoy the view after a thrilling train ride.

Why we stay here

You will experience Myanmar’s hospitality in a cozy hotel, but we will definitely not miss comfort. This small hotel is local and original and provides you with everything you need. Enjoy your time here, and don’t miss the sunset.

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Adventure Background

Laura Outside
Our Adventure Consultant: Laura Schiochet
Myanmar will keep you speechless

What fascinated me about the country and led me to create this Myanmar trip is that it has not yet been discovered by many travelers. The country’s culture and traditions date back thousands of years and have been a well-protected secret until the county recently opened up for tourism.

Therefore, the country is still original. You can explore real-life there and not an adapted version suitable for mass tourism. My highlight of the trip is the balloon flight over the temples of Bagan. Getting up early isn’t my favorite, but that is definitely worth it! When do you get the chance to see such beauty from the air?! It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I really love the trip because you get the chance to bathe with rescued elephants and see how they are taken care of in a sanctuary and that you will visit locals and learn to cook their traditional dishes. By keeping our tours small and local, we have the chance to see this unique country but, at the same time, support small family businesses and locals.

Don't Forget to Check


Please book your flights separately. Berlin - Bangkok 10h (e.g. Thai Airways) & Bangkok - Mandalay (e.g. Bangkok Airways)


Please check whether you need a visa. DE/AT/CH: Visa required. Online eVisa available.


Check out the weather here.


Vaccinations against hepatitis A & poliomyelitis are recommended

Generally speaking, yes, Myanmar is a safe destination to visit. However, it is advised that you have full and comprehensive travel insurance as the quality of medical care can be quite basic in case of an accident.

There are some road safety issues like dodgy pavements, pot-holes, and chaotic traffic patterns, so be careful when walking, cycling or driving. Under no circumstances, drink the tap water. Make sure the water you buy is in a sealed bottle or boiled for tea.

Our tour guide knows the country and its practices well and will steer clear of any dangerous situations at all times.

Myanmar has not been badly affected by the pandemic, and there are very few cases across the country. You can check the current situation here.

Find our full packing list for our Myanmar trip here.

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