Our Mission:

Make tourism authentic, unique and sustainable.

About TripLegend

We think mass tourism has exceeded its limits. Pairing the latest technologies, some common sense and people’s best interest at heart, TripLegend builds the millennial tourism solution of the future.

Traveling dates back to antiquity where wealthy Greeks and Romans would travel for leisure to their summer homes and villas. People continued to travel and invented new transport facilities to travel by air, land and sea.

Today, the travel industry is dominated by large, anonymous tour operators. They offer vacations at ridiculously cheap prices and do not care at all about the massive impacts of tourism on our world, the cities and the people. Consequently, masses of people rush from one tourist attraction to the next without connecting to the local life.

We founded TripLegend to put an end to that. And to create unique trips that put the beauty and joy of traveling first. TripLegend does only cooperate with local partners – tour guides, restaurants, bus companies –  to ensure that the money stays in the country.