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The Pearl of the Caucasus

Dive deep into the Georgian culture, experience its natural beauty and enjoy the unmatched hospitality.


11 days, 10 nights

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10 - 15 guests



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About Your Georgia Trip

Nestled deep in the Caucasus mountain range between Europe and Asia, Georgia has been dubbed Europe’s balcony – home to a country whose heartbeat draws influences from both the East and the West.

Still largely underrated, Georgia offers travelers an incredibly rich history, breath-taking nature, and unique landscapes, while a longstanding tradition of hospitality and cuisine makes it a perfect adventure destination.

We invite you to join our Georgia trip and explore with us the vibrant cultural hub of Tbilisi, the remote and secluded outpost of Ushguli – from enchanting caves and majestic glaciers to the relaxing Black sea.

You will have the exclusive opportunity to experience Georgian culture firsthand and get a real insider perspective. May it be drinking traditional fragrant wine from clay cups or learning to cook popular Georgian cuisine. We will guarantee you memories of a lifetime through immersion into the Georgian culture and its jaw-dropping natural beauty.

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What's included?

Accommodation in twin rooms
Expert local guide
29 delicious meals
Private transport
13 unique experiences
Min. 4 participants

Remember, visa, flights, travel insurance & vaccinations aren’t included and prices are based on sharing a twin room. If you’d like to upgrade to a single room, you can add this during the booking process.

This trip is carbon neutral
This trip is COVID-19 safe

Your Guide

Welcome to Georgia!

Hey, I'm Kakhaber!

I will be guiding you on your Georgia trip and am happy to show you my beautiful home country. I studied International law at TSU and I am currently in the first year of my master’s here in Tbilisi. Since my childhood, I was fascinated by both Georgian and world history, which is why I always try to draw connections between Georgia and our guests’ countries of origin.

I hope to deliver the most honest and genuine experience to you so that your visit to Georgia will leave you with interesting and exciting
memories. See you soon!

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30. November 2020!

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Your Itinerary

Day 1 | Tbilisi

Welcome to Georgia

Welcome to your unforgettable Georgia trip! We will have a private shuttle waiting for you to ease the transition into the upcoming adventure.

A private shuttle will bring you to your hotel in the city center. For the rest of the day, you will have time to settle. In the evening, we will come together and share the first dinner to get to know each other and toast to our upcoming adventure.

After a good night’s sleep, we will explore Tbilisi and this amazing country!


Day 2 | Tbilisi

Traditional Wine Tasting in Tbilisi

Dive right into the warm city of Tbilisi, and feel the history, romantics and harmonic coexistence of religions.

We will explore the old windy roads of both the New and Old city and finish off our day with a wine tasting of Georgia’s traditional wine fermented in huge clay barrels. The country’s most significant cultural, political, and economic hub has attracted visitors worldwide with its hospitality, tolerance, and mesmerizing mixture of architecture combining Eastern and Western elements. With the bohemian art scene and the vivid nightlife and longstanding traditions of sulfur bath scrubs, Tbilisi offers unique experiences for every traveler.

Our exclusive city tour will bridge the gap between the new and old districts and offer you an unspoiled perspective of the youthful spirit enchanting a city that is still very much known for its crumbling Soviet past. Walking down the narrow cobblestone roads will eventually lead us to our private wine tasting, where we can taste the special Georgian wine traditionally fermented in underground clay barrels. Legends say it tastes best when consumed from a clay pot.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
City Georgia

Day 3 | Kazbegi

The Northern Gate of Georgia

After our city experience, the Caucasus mountain range will await us with impressive sites and landscapes.

Formerly the only pass through the impenetrable Greater Caucasus, the Georgian military highway has remained a critical land bridge between Russia and Georgia for centuries, frequented by traders, invaders, and travelers alike. Apart from its historical significance, this corridor offers some of the country’s most impressive scenery littered with iconic sights.
Our journey will take us past historic fortresses and iconic monasteries preserved from the medieval times, while the road will become increasingly curvier and the mountainous landscape more idyllic after every hairpin bend. Eventually, we reach the Kazbegi region high above sea level, where traditional village life persists and the White and Black Aragvi river merge. Welcome to the Northern Gate of Georgia!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 4 | Gori & Mtskheta

Ancient Cave City and Traditional Georgian Food

We embark on an epic road trip through Georgia’s incredibly varied past and end up splurging in a traditional Georgian style dinner. Yum!

Georgia’s history is more than complicated but remains a present aspect of the country’s landscape. Mtskheta, the former capital of the Georgian Kingdom and the birthplace of Christianity in Georgia, is a picturesque and peaceful little town whose quiet streets invite for a stroll.

Our road trip continues to Gori, the infamous birthplace of Stalin, and will finish in the abandoned cave town of Uplistsikhe. The ancient city carved out of rock is home to various secret tunnels and ancient wine-cellars, making it a perfect place to explore.

Apart from its vibrant history, Georgia is also known for its incredibly authentic cuisine. We will have a traditional Georgian style dinner and taste all of the delightful dishes the country offers.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 5 | Kutaisi

Enchanting Cave and Gorgeous River Canyon

From the enchanting atmosphere of Georgia’s biggest cave to a stunning canyon and waterfall – Today, we embark on an outdoor adventure.

The mystique atmosphere of the Prometheus Cave is a breath-taking experience, where we get to explore underwater lakes and rivers. The impressive stalactites and petrified waterfalls are home to hundreds of bats and believed to be the subject to an old legend!

Leaving the underground world behind, we’ll head to a nearby canyon with staggering overhead cliffs, covered in a dense cluster of moss and home to many elegant waterfalls, making this a truly magical place. We will explore this oasis by boat, gliding through the deep blue-green water, and approaching the waterfalls below. Don’t forget your camera!

We’ll end our day in Kutaisi, a pretty town that looks like it’s from another era. From old cable cars built by Stalin to vibrant bazaars, this town is known for its incredible hospitality and ‘old-world charm’.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 6 | Kutaisi & Mestia

Divine Monastery and Wine and Dine Tour

Leaving epic monasteries in our shadows, today’s wine and dine tour, including an authentic homemade dinner, will make you truly understand Georgia’s deep-rooted culture.

Near Motsameta in the gorge of Tskaltsitela, a spectacular monastery perched on a cliff, invites you to take in the panorama of the surrounding landscape. This extremely isolated place will allow us to get a taste of the monastic life that has largely shaped the region. Take in the relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the towns surrounding them.
Leaving the cultural sites behind, we will visit the Sataplia nature reserve, where we can encounter ancient dinosaur traces and enjoy the view from a glass bridge that is not for the fainthearted.
“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” they say. So after leaving the monasteries behind, we’ll be tasting our way through different Georgian wines and enjoy an authentic homemade dinner before leaving for our final destination Mestia – a gorgeous town in the mountains!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 7 | Mestia & Ushguli

City in the Clouds

Let’s explore ancient village life in this incredibly unique and remote outpost, where stone watchtowers still define the landscape! Buckle up, because we are going off-roading!

Back in the day, enemies were careful to not venture out too deep into the Svan territory, because deep in the mountains of Upper Svaneti, a community of villages was armed with hundreds of stone watchtowers overlooking the mountainous slopes. Ushguli has now been considered one of Europe’s highest continuously inhabited settlements, with many towers still in perfect shape after more than a thousand years.

Due to its extreme remoteness, this former outpost offers incredible views over the mountains and the opportunity to immerse oneself into the ancient village life and, of course, the vivid history and the stunning views. Now declared a UNESCO heritage site, this excursion will be the highlight of the trip and something to remember!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 8 | Batumi

The Call of the Black Sea

Leaving the Caucasus mountains behind, we take the scenic road and head towards the Black sea, where we can look forward to relaxing at the beach.

There is nothing like the first glimpse of the beautiful Black Sea after making the last curve and descending from the mountains into the Black Sea capital. Today’s drive is filled with spectacular views, panoramas, and ever-changing scenery passing by the window. Once we arrived, we will have time to relax by the beach or explore the city at our own pace.

Beyond the beach, Batumi offers a bizarre mixture of ancient and modern architecture, vibrant markets, and captivating street-art, reflecting the unique composition of the region’s history, culture, and religion that has shaped the city. A stroll down the Batumi boulevard is more than recommendable, but we understand if the beach is more inviting.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 9 | Batumi & Gonio

Cooking Traditional Georgian Khachapuri

Our trip is coming to an end, so we’ll take it easy and kick back at the beach during the day and take a masterclass in Georgian cuisine at night. It’s time for Khachapuri!

As mentioned before, Batumi has many exciting sights and activities to explore. Yet, over centuries the Black Sea has been attracting people mainly to enjoy the lush beach life. The subtropical climate and the beautiful mountains surrounding this seaside resort are extremely inviting to just kick it back and unwind.

However, being the Adjara region’s capital and home to the ancient kingdom of Kolkhida, the area has been shaped by its vibrant history. The Famous Gonio fortress situated right by the sea is a constant reminder of this era. Have you ever heard of the stolen Golden fleece?

Although hard to pronounce, you have for sure seen or already eaten the Acharuli Khachapuri once. We will partake in a masterclass on Georgian cuisine and cook this delicious bread stuffed with melted cheese. Shaped like a boat, this specific type originated from the coastal area of Adjara.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 10 | Tbilisi

Festive Farewell Dinner in Tbilisi

The last day: Our guide will select a traditional restaurant to enjoy our last dinner together and celebrate new friendships.

Everything comes to an end eventually, and unfortunately, this Georgia trip is no exception. On our way back to Tbilisi, we can let our thoughts wander, watching the scenery gradually change and reflect on our experiences of the past days. Having explored the rich history, the natural beauty, and the incredible hospitality of this unique country, we will return home with memorable stories that might surprise some of our friends.

Our guide will take us to a lovely restaurant, and together, we celebrate the end of the trip with traditional Georgian dances and look back at some of the most memorable experiences as well as new friendships. With Tbilisi being the vibrant hub, there are plenty of possibilities to continue into the night.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 11 | Tbilisi

Goodbye Georgia!

Until the next adventure! We are looking forward to welcoming you again!

The last day of your adventurous journey has come. After a final breakfast at the hotel, we will make sure you will have a smooth transfer back to the airport to catch your flight home or to your next destination. If you’d like to extend your stay and explore the area further on your own, we’d be more than happy to provide suggestions for additional things to do and see.


Your Accommodation

Traditional Hotel in the Georgian Mountains

Chalet Mestia

Enjoy stunning views and cozy nights in this charming family-run hotel, nestled in the mountainous North of Georgia.

Why we stay here

Experience the friendly hospitality of the Georgian North while enjoying a drink and a traditional meal by the fireplace in the evening and waking up to the snow-covered Caucasus mountains in the morning.

Georgian Hospitality in the Heart of Tbilisi

Brim Hotel

Located in one of Tbilisi’s oldest districts, the Brim Hotel invites its guests to enjoy its comfortable rooms and excellent service in the city’s heart.

Why we stay here

Uniting modern urban design and comfort in a classical historical setting, the Boutique Hotel is the first solar-powered building in Tbilisi. It is also just a stone’s throw away from the city’s main sights. The eco-friendly hotel features vast social spaces and a rooftop terrace restaurant with spectacular panoramic views of Tbilisi.

Cozy local guesthouse with fireplace

Hotel Migu Yard

A tranquil hotel surrounded by mountains in the Northern region of Georgia, offering pure relaxation and excellent hospitality by the local owners.

Why we stay here

After an exhausting day of exploring the region, there is nothing better than arriving in a place that feels like home. The cozy common areas are perfect for enjoying a glass of wine by the fireplace with the group. At the same time, the individual cabins allow you to retreat and enjoy the mountains’ view.

Family-run hotel with rooftop terrace

Hotel Terrace Kutaisi

The magnificent rooftop terrace offers views across the entire city and the main sights. At the same time, the owners will ensure you the most pleasant stay possible.

Why we stay here

This family-run local hotel offers the highest level of comfort and attention to detail, making sure your stay will be both memorable and enjoyable. Watch the sunset while enjoying a cold beverage on the stunning rooftop terrace.

Stylish beachfront hotel

Hotel Kartuli

Inspired by Georgian art and culture, this stylish hotel opens its doors to guests and the local creative scene alike, offering breathtaking views over the Black Sea and the Lesser Caucasus Mountains.

Why we stay here

Perched on the 37th floor of a beachfront highrise, the large floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies in this hotel allow you to enjoy sweeping views of the sea, while the hotel itself is bustling with local creatives and Georgian artwork that give the place a fresh twist.

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Adventure Background

Our Adventure Consultant: Jaime Wallier
You need to go to Georgia, you won’t be disappointed

So I followed my friend’s advice and was absolutely stunned by what I got to experience once I arrived in Tbilisi. Considered the balcony of Europe, Georgia sits conveniently situated between Europe and Asia, drawing influences from both regions, which are reflected throughout all facets of life.

From the fascinating architecture to the incredibly rich cuisine and one of the world’s oldest wine cultures. However, once you leave the vibrant hub of Tbilisi behind, you quickly realize that apart from the cultural diversity, the country is blessed with an incredibly jaw-dropping natural beauty, ranging from the vast Caucasus mountains all the way to the Black Sea. Impressed by this small but extremely fascinating country, I returned with an itinerary for a unique Georgia trip that will allow you to dive deep into the hospitality and to indulge in a culinary and cultural adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Don't Forget to Check


Please book your flights separately. Berlin - Tbilisi 3.5h (e.g. non-stop with Georgian Airways)


Please check whether you need a visa. DE/AT/CH: No visa required.


Check out the weather here.


A vaccination against hepatitis A is recommended

Georgia is a safe country to travel in, with very low incidents of violent crime and occurrences of pickpocketing, mugging, and property theft are rare. Given that tourism in the country is relatively new, neither scams nor a lucrative business for the local crimes is widespread.

As you would do anywhere, always use your common sense. Keep your belongings secure, avoid flashing anything valuable, and be aware of your surroundings. As the country is predominately a cash economy, take caution to secure your money while traveling around.
Our tour guide knows the country and its practices well and will steer clear of any dangerous situations at all times.

Georgia has not been badly affected by the pandemic, and there are very few cases across the country. You can check the current situation here.


Find our full packing list for Georgia here.

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