Situated at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia is a destination that is still untouched by mass tourism. Whether you are a daring adventurer or a cultural explorer, you will definitely find something for yourself in this country.





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Why Georgia


Georgians love food. They even have a particular name for the feasts they organize, which is called the supra. Whether it is khachapuri or shaslik, you will never get enough of the Georgian cuisine.


Georgian culture is heavily influenced by European, Persian, Ottoman, and Anatolian cultures. The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is known for its diversity as it is home to more than one hundred ethnic groups, who live peacefully together.


A famous Georgian proverb says, “a guest is a gift from God,” which explains the Georgian people’s unmatched hospitality. They love celebrating, cooking, and appreciating life.


From snowy mountains to gorgeous lakes, Georgia has it all! The country’s diverse natural landscape will allow travelers to try various outdoor activities, from hiking to sailing.

Our Georgia Adventure

From wine-tasting in ancient and beautiful Tbilisi to hiking the Caucasus mountains, Georgia offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy and experience a country filled with nature, diversity, art, and history. Join us and encounter a destination that is little known but has much to offer.


Rain in eastern part of the country can be quite unpredictable. However, the Black Sea climate allows for summer activities most of the year.


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COVID-19 Situation


Travelers from Germany are allowed to enter Georgia with some restrictions.

Masks (PPE)

Travelers are required to wear a face mask in the airplane, airport, and any and all closed spaces.

Health Documents

Travelers have to fill out a pre-registration form in which they provide information regarding their travel history, the address of stay in Georgia & contact information.

Quarantine Policy

The state border of Georgia is open to German travelers on the condition that upon arrival to Georgia they submit a negative PCR test result taken within the last 72 hours. You can also do a test upon arrival at the airport and have to quarantine until you get negative results, which takes approximately 8 hours.

Our Contribution

Responsible travel in Georgia

We love to keep things local and authentic in our adventures. In Georgia, we work with small, locally-owned businesses rather than big international conglomerates, which helps us provide you with a truly immersive experience and support the local economy. Supporting local businesses allows us to offer our travelers a better travel experience and strengthen communities. Making sure that we preserve these beautiful destinations is one of our top priorities.

Georgia is a safe country to travel in, with very low incidents of violent crime and occurrences of pickpocketing, mugging, and property theft are rare. Given that tourism in the country is relatively new, neither scams nor a lucrative business for the local crimes is widespread.

As you would do anywhere, always use your common sense. Keep your belongings secure, avoid flashing anything valuable, and be aware of your surroundings. As the country is predominately a cash economy, take caution to secure your money while traveling around.
Our tour guide knows the country and its practices well and will steer clear of any dangerous situations at all times.

Georgia has not been badly affected by the pandemic, and there are very few cases across the country. You can check the current situation here.

Find our full packing list for Georgia here.

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