Whether it is a sunrise balloon flight over Bagan’s iconic temples or a visit to an elephant sanctuary, Myanmar offers experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. Choose the unknown and explore this magical country with us.






Why Myanmar


There are more than 130 ethnic groups in Myanmar who have their own cooking traditions. So, expect to taste a wide variety of meals at this destination. Among them, the most well-known is the delicious tea-leaf salad.


Buddhism and the early Kingdom of Pagan heavily influenced the country’s culture. Several ethnic groups form a tremendous cultural diversity in the country.


Myanmar is one of the most diverse nations on the Asian continent. The four main groups of Myanmar’s indigenous population are known as Tibeto-Burman, Mon-Khmer, Austro-Tai, and Karennic.


Myanmar offers a great diversity of natural landscapes from idyllic beaches to picturesque wildlife parks.

Our Myanmar Adventure

Let us show you Myanmar from its most beautiful side, taking the less traveled road and immersing ourselves into the local culture. From staggering golden temples to colorful street markets and isolated island communities, you will discover the country from an insider’s perspective by getting to know local people and their way of living.

Nail-biting train trips, traditional longtail riverboats, and an exclusive balloon flight will allow you to understand and explore this magical country truly.


Between February and May is the hottest period in the country. The rainy season is generally from May to October.

49% - 77%


May - October

Rainy Season

October - May

Best Travel Season



COVID-19 Situation


Most international travelers are not allowed to enter Myanmar. All commercial flights to Myanmar are suspended until October 31, 2020.

Masks (PPE)

Travelers are required to wear a mask in public.

Health Documents

Travelers need to have a medical certificate showing they are negative for COVID-19. The certificate should be issued no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel.

Quarantine Policy

Travelers including Myanmar nationals are required to quarantine at a government facility.

Our Contribution

Elephant Care Center

At TripLegend, we are dedicated to protecting and supporting wildlife in every way we can. As the name “wildlife” indicates, wild animals cannot be “controlled” without cruel taming practices. In Myanmar, we will visit the country’s first international certified center for elephant care, where we will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of these animals up close. In doing so, we support an excellent initiative that has put the wellbeing of these ‘retired’ elephants into the center.

Local Partner School

We believe that education is an essential part of everyone’s life. With our trips, we not only want to visit a country but also want to have a positive impact there. As an integral part of our Myanmar trip, we will visit our partner school. Before arriving there, we will get some school supplies from the local stationery shop, like exercise booklets, pens, and more and then head to the school for a personal handover. We are convinced that education changes lives, that’s why we support it!

Generally speaking, yes, Myanmar is a safe destination to visit. However, it is advised that you have full and comprehensive travel insurance as the quality of medical care can be quite basic in case of an accident.
There are some road safety issues like dodgy pavements, pot-holes, and chaotic traffic patterns, so be careful when walking, cycling or driving. Under no circumstances, drink the tap water. Make sure the water you buy is in a sealed bottle or boiled for tea.
Our tour guide knows the country and its practices well and will steer clear of any dangerous situations at all times.

Myanmar has not been badly affected by the pandemic, and there are very few cases across the country. You can check the current situation here.


Find our full packing list for Myanmar here.

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Our Promise


No more hassle, spending hours on booking hotel rooms, creating itineraries. TripLegend takes care of everything, from logistics to accommodation. All you have to do is to bring your suitcase.


Our small group tours, which are about 10 to 15 people, bring together young solo professionals aged 25-39. With TripLegend, you will still experience the authentic feeling of traveling solo and create new, lifelong friendships.

Get local

We provide expert local guides for our travelers and support local businesses in each destination we have on our TripLegend map to ensure you get the best local experience.

Support sustainability

As TripLegend, we create eco-friendly travel solutions for the future. To reduce the impact we have on our environment, we offset your carbon footprint and plant a tree for every individual guest joining us on our adventures.