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The Explorer loves to leave the masses behind and venture deep into the jungle to find the hidden gems that are far off-the-beaten-path. Seeking real adventure and unique experiences, the Explorer does not mind walking that extra mile to reach their goal, as the journey is their destination.

In exchange for an inside perspective into foreign cultures, abandoned sites, or authentic experiences, the Explorer does not mind trading adventure for less comfort and longer days. The reward will always pay off!

Off-the-beaten-path locations
Extraordinary experiences
Unique adventures
Escaping the crowds

The Thrill Seeker is fearless and loves non-stop adventure. Energetic, adventurous, and spontaneous, they are fun people to be around, and their stories never get old. They are not only chasing the sun but are continuously working on their personal bucket-list.

Hiking volcanoes, hot-air balloon rides, or dangling over the edge in a thrilling train ride – a TripLegend Thrill Seeker has a passion for adventure that is highly contagious. While for some, less is more, Thrill Seekers like to be active and are physically fit.

Non-stop adventure
Bucket-list chaser
The Culturalist Headline

The Culturalist loves to explore a place in-depth and immerse themselves in the local culture. This is best achieved through exploring old traditions, learning about history, and most importantly, by diving into the local cuisine. May it be exploring the local markets and trying different street food or a having an immersive cooking class at a local’s home.

For Culturalists, it’s all about understanding a place, instead of just seeing its sights. On the hunt for authentic experiences and lasting impressions, they will take their time and never rush. When it comes to comfort, they don’t like to compromise, unless they are invited by a nomadic tribe to spend the night.

Focus on culture & history
Exploring local traditions
Seeking real immersion
Authentic experiences

The Nature Lover uses their vacation to escape the busy city and fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of pristine mountain ranges, lush forests or untouched beaches. Apart from soaking in the fresh air and bathing in crystal clear water, they are keen on physical activities such as hiking, rafting or mountain biking, especially if it means getting a more in-depth insight into uncharted territory.

Natural appreciation goes hand in hand with an increased consciousness about eco practices, sustainability and wildlife conservation, which they also consider when planning their trip. Wandering deep into nature obviously comes with an unstoppable thirst for adventure and it might not always be the most comfortable. However, the sunrise view from the top of the volcano will make up for the struggle.

Escaping the city
Nature & wildlife
Outdoor activities
Sustainable practices
The Vacationist Heading

The Vacationist loves vacation as much as some poolside relaxation with a chilled drink. They seek relaxation rather than mind-boggling adventures and prefer the beach over a sweaty jungle trek. For some, less is more. Especially if it is your only holiday of the year, and you want to catch up on some well-deserved relaxation and treat yourself with a carefree all-round package that includes just the right amount of adventure, a white sand beach, and maybe even a massage. Yes, please!

Comfort, the right amount of free time and an all-including experience with a little surprise here or there is the right recipe for the dream holiday you have been thinking about in your office. Vacationists tend to have laid-back personalities who enjoy exploring new destinations and need to get their fair amount of down-time returning home content and noticeably tanned.

Less is more
Pure relaxation
White-sand beaches
All inclusive