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Why Greece


Heavily influenced by Western and Eastern cultures, Greek food is one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. From moussaka to tzatziki, there is so much to explore in this country.


Greece is considered to be the birthplace of Western culture and civilization. It is a given that we owe a lot to ancient Greeks, who have contributed to all areas of art, humanities, and science.


Greek people are known for their hospitality. But what is distinctive about them is that they are passionate. They are passionate about their history, culture, and even simple things such as cooking and living.


The country is home to 6,000 islands, many of which have epic views, vast mountains, cliffs, and paradise beaches with the warmest and softest sand.

Our Greece Adventure

Whether you prefer relaxing at the beach or sailing the shining Greek sea, you will not be disappointed with your trip to Greece. The country has the most beautiful islands, where you can watch breathtaking sunsets and drink your ouzo while toasting to life.

Get ready for a sun-soaked trip filled with culture, history, and adventure.


Greek summers are usually hot and dry, and the winters can be quiet cold and wet.


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June - September

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COVID-19 Situation


Travelers from Germany are allowed to enter Greece with some restrictions.

Masks (PPE)

Travelers have to wear a face mask when entering an airport, during flights, on public transport and in public places.

Health Documents

Travelers have to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) min. 24 hours before entering Greece and receive a QR code to download on their phone. One PLF should be submitted by each family, adult and children included. Some airlines may require individual PLFs for every traveler over the age of 18 within the same household.

Quarantine Policy

Travelers are subject to random COVID-19 testing on arrival in Greece. They may be required to quarantine until the results are known.

Our Contribution

Responsible travel in Greece

Plastic pollution is a global problem that severely affects marine life and the health of our natural ecosystems. At TripLegend, we sincerely care for the environment, and all our staff and partners are trained in reducing our impact as much as possible. On all our trips, we kindly ask our guests to take nothing but photographs, while only leaving footprints behind. Make sure to ask your guide for more specific advice or to learn more about marine conservation.

Greece has historically been a very safe place to visit though petty crime, like pickpocketing, can be an issue in touristy areas. Travelers should remain alert when visiting crowded places and keep an eye on their belongings.

As you would do anywhere, always use your common sense. Keep your belongings secure, avoid flashing anything valuable, and be aware of your surroundings.

Our tour guide knows the country and its practices well and will steer clear of any dangerous situations at all times.

In Greece, the government reacted fast to the spread of COVID-19, and people adjusted to the new rules. Therefore the country has not been hit very hard by the pandemic, but still, precautions need to be taken.

You can check the current situation here.

You can find our extensive packing list for Greece here.

Our Promise


No more hassle, spending hours on booking hotel rooms, creating itineraries. TripLegend takes care of everything, from logistics to accommodation. All you have to do is to bring your suitcase.


Our small group tours, which are about 10 to 15 people, bring together young solo professionals aged 25-39. With TripLegend, you will still experience the authentic feeling of traveling solo and create new, lifelong friendships.

Get local

We provide expert local guides for our travelers and support local businesses in each destination we have on our TripLegend map to ensure you get the best local experience.

Support sustainability

As TripLegend, we create eco-friendly travel solutions for the future. To reduce the impact we have on our environment, we offset your carbon footprint and plant a tree for every individual guest joining us on our adventures.