Few nations have a history as old as Armenia. And even fewer have a culture that is so rich and diverse. Armenia will inspire you with all its facets, fascinate you with its history and impress you with its monuments. Let yourself be enchanted by the original landscape and warm-hearted inhabitants.

Why travel to Armenia?

If you love nature, history and culture, Armenia is the place to visit. The country has little tourist infrastructure and is a real adventure for intrepid travelers who want to get off the beaten tourist track, discover breathtaking nature, lively cities and make connections with the open-minded locals.


Armenian cuisine is known for its rich variety of spices and flavors. The favorite food of Armenians: meat, whether grilled, fried or baked. But don't worry, even if you're a vegetarian, you can taste your way through the many meatless dishes. Did you know that Armenia is considered one of the countries of origin of wine growing? Besides the world-famous cognac, you should not miss a wine tasting!


A country between Orient and Occident, strongly influenced by the Christian faith. Faith is a significant part of Armenian identity and social structure. Family and ancient traditions have a high place in Armenian culture and to this day Armenians love to perform their traditional folk dances and celebrate ancient festivals. 


Armenians will enchant you with their open and hospitable nature, for which they are known everywhere. Around three million people live in the vast country, but even in the rural areas you will be welcomed with open arms everywhere, despite the language barrier.


Beautiful landscapes, dotted with ancient monasteries and flower meadows, small villages and the traces of ancient civilizations in caves and on rocks, all over the country - all this and much more is waiting for you to discover in Armenia. Due to its location on the southern Caucasus, there are seven geographical zones, from deserts to green meadows and alpine landscapes. Armenia does not have access to the sea, but it does have the largest high mountain lake in the world, Lake Swan.

National language of Armenia


Currency of Armenia

Dram (1€ ≈ 625 Dram)

How do I say thank you in Armenia?


Time zone of Armenia

The time difference with Germany is 2 hours in summer and 3 hours in winter.

Best time to travel to Armenia

May till October

Secret places in Armenia