With over 17,000 islands stretching from Southeast Asia to Oceania, the choice is yours. You can find remote paradises, explore some of the world's most famous temples in Yogyakarta, and marvel at a million other things.

Why travel to Indonesia?

The country is so diverse and there are endless things to discover: lively and chaotic cities, picturesque white sand beaches and massive volcanoes. Indonesia is a true paradise for backpackers. Especially as a solo traveler, you will quickly meet like-minded people and you will also be safe when exploring the cities and landscapes on your own. 


Influences from Chinese, Middle Eastern, Malay, Indian and Polynesian cuisines find their way into Indonesia's kitchens. While rice is the most popular staple, noodles are also very common. Chicken, goat and beef are the main meats in this predominantly Muslim country, although pork is also plentiful in Christian areas and seafood dominates coastal menus. And there is no shortage of vegetarian alternatives either. 


Indonesia's ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity is correspondingly great - more than 500 languages and dialects are spoken by its 255 million people. The majority of the population is Muslim, while the Hindu religion predominates on Bali.


Approximately 255 million people live on the island nation. Since its earliest history, Indonesians have always been communal. Even in modern environments like the office workplace and modern communities, you will see the warmth and friendliness of Indonesians. From a child's first step on the ground to certain months of pregnancy, many cultures in Indonesia have special ceremonies for the smallest milestones. Many cultures also create a big deal out of life events like weddings and funerals, mixing them with fascinating traditional customs and celebrations.


Jungles, volcanoes, pristine beaches: If you love wild nature, Indonesia is the next destination you should visit! Those who decide to organize a trip to Indonesia are usually fascinated by the wild nature, untouched forests, rich flora, diverse fauna, beaches, waterfalls ... If you are looking for an escape from the routine of everyday life, out of the smog and the gray of winter, well, this magnificent island state has a lot to offer.

National language of Indonesia


Currency of Indonesia

Rupiah (1€ ≈ 17,000 Rupiah)

How do I say thank you in Indonesia?

Terima kasih!

Time zone of Indonesia

The time difference to Germany is +7 hours.

Best time to travel to Indonesia

May - September

Secret places in Indonesia