Mysterious landscapes full of wild beauty that you will fall in love with. Kazakhstan is for real explorers, adventurers and nature lovers who want to enjoy the luxury of space and tranquility.

Why travel to Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is one of the largest, but at the same time most sparsely populated countries on earth. The country, characterized by seemingly endless steppes, vast desert landscapes, imposing mountains and modern cities, captivates many adventurers.


The Kazakhs love their food and are happy to give you an insight into their varied cuisine. Try the national dish Beschbarmak, a noodle dish with meat or the dessert Tschak Tschak. Add a delicious tea and an authentic Kazakh meal is complete.


The multi-ethnic population consists of only 18 million people. Today's Kazakh culture is an interesting blend of Russian and Western influence, coupled with a revival of nomadic hospitality, traditions and customs.


Hospitality in Kazakhstan is legendary. It is a tradition that all guests are received with incredible warmth.


There is a lot to discover: the Burabay National Park in the north, which is also called Kazakh Switzerland with its picturesque mountain panorama and numerous lakes, the Altyn Emel National Park in the southeast, which with its "Singing Dune" is one of the most famous sights of the country, and the magical Kaindy Lake, which enchants us with its clear water.

National language of Kazakhstan


Currency of Kazakhstan

Tenge (1€ ~ 500 Tenge)

How do I say thank you in Kazakhstan?


Time zone of Kazakhstan

The time difference to Germany is +5 hours.

Best time to travel to Kazakhstan

May till September