Welcome to your new adventure in Nepal. Immerse yourself in a world full of new impressions and let yourself be enchanted by the varied nature.

Why travel to Nepal?

When you think of Nepal, thoughts of dizzying heights on Mount Everest and breathtaking views come to mind. But that's not all Nepal has to offer. The friendly people, the unique wildlife, enchanting trekking trails, impressive mountain villages and much more makes Nepal unique as a travel destination.


Different kinds of vegetables or lentil and bean sauce are staple foods in Nepal. In general, the dishes vary in the different regions of Nepal. For example, very little meat is eaten in the Terai, as Hindus live there mostly. In the high mountains, there are few cultivation possibilities, which is why meat is predominantly eaten there.


In Nepal, religion and everyday life are very closely linked. About 80% of the population profess Buddhism, about 10% Hinduism and 4% Islam. The remaining population is made up of Christians and animists, among others. In addition, Nepal has a caste system.


In the multi-ethnic country of Nepal you will not only experience the beautiful nature, but also the people with their impressive ancient cultures and traditions. Immerse yourself in a mosaic of impressive people, faces, rituals and languages.


Did you know that in Nepal more than 40% of the country is above 3,000 meters in altitude, making it the highest country in the world? This is probably due to the fact that besides the Himalayan Mountains, 7 more of the 10 highest mountains in the world have their place in Nepal. But even if you are not drawn to the breathtaking high or low mountains, there are still impressive landscapes, small villages and much more to explore in Nepal's Terai.

National language of Nepal


Currency of Nepal

Nepalese Rupee

How do I say thank you in Nepal?

धन्यवाद (Dhan'yavāda)

Time zone of Nepal

+5 hours 45 minutes

Best time to travel to Nepal

October, November and February until mid-April

Secret places in Nepal

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