Why travel to Turkmenistan?

In Turkmenistan there is not much tourism and therefore you will feel like visiting a country that seems to be on another planet. Everything will be so strange and fascinating and it will captivate you in a way like no other place you have visited before. You can wander alone in Ashgabat and you will experience a unique feeling of anonymity.


Turkmenistan, located in Central Asia, has a high proportion of Russian population due to its long affiliation with the former Soviet Union. Thus, the influence of the other nationalities can also be felt in the cuisine of Turkmenistan. As in all Central Asian countries, the use of mutton and chicken plays a major role.


Turkmen culture is slightly different from the cultural traditions of the neighboring Muslim states of Central Asia. The reason for this is that the ancestors of the Turkmen were the Normads and this is still very much reflected in their culture today.


Turkmenistan has about 6 million inhabitants. About half of the Turkmen population lives in rural areas and half in cities. However, much more significant than the difference between urban and rural areas are still the affiliations to the Turkmen tribes. The origin plays such an important role that the vast majority of Turkmen know their family tree by heart over at least three, usually four or five generations and can explain it at any time.


Discover the beautiful and endless steppe landscapes and breathtaking mountain scenery of this unique country. In the west of the country you will find a surprisingly robust desert landscape full of rocks, mountains, ancient monuments, pilgrimage sites and authentic villages. The desert is still home to nomads who are eager to show you their land.

National language of Turkmenistan

Turkmen, Russian & Uzbek

Currency of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Manat (1€ ≈ 4 Turkmenistan Manat)

How do I say thank you in Turkmenistan?

Say bol

Time zone of Turkmenistan

The time difference to Germany is +4 hours.

Best time to travel to Turkmenistan

April - May & September - October

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