From tropical rainforests, the endless expanses of the pampas, impressive mountain panoramas in Patagonia and from the relaxed country life with its gauchos to the vibrant city life in Buenos Aires - discover Argentina, the country full of contrasts.

Why travel to Argentina?


Due to the traditional cattle breeding, beef is a common accompaniment dish in Argentine cuisine, which is known to be very meat-heavy. In the traditional asado, this is made with different types of meat on the grill and often refined with chimichurri (traditional herb sauce), which is often used for marinating but also as a dressing. Empanadas are also a popular snack, because with the different fillings, the small dumplings are extremely versatile. For dessert, alfajores are often served, these "cookie sandwiches" are traditionally filled with a sweet paste and covered with chocolate. In Argentina, mate tea is one of the most popular drinks, made from the dried leaves of the mate plant.


As is well known, the tango flows in the veins of the Argentineans and especially in Buenos Aires you can see the Argentineans swinging the dance leg with heart and soul. Also, Argentines are particularly known for their late daily rhythm, which often begins only after 10:00. Outside the cities, you will find the endless expanses of the Argentine pampas, the Patagonian steppe, and the Argentine gaucho cowboys. The gaucho lifestyle inspires Argentine identity and has found its way into Argentine cuisine and culture - from national pride to choripan sandwiches.


Besides their wit and quick wit, Argentines are known for their arrogance, tendency to exaggeration, but also their penchant for melancholy. Argentines are a proud and nationally conscious people who share a great passion for soccer. In addition to family and friendship, Argentines greatly value hospitality - Argentines are as friendly, helpful and generous as the country itself. Argentines are happy to talk to tourists and always eager to see if they can help them.


Argentina inspires with its species-rich animal and plant world, which could not be more different. Due to the size of the country, the habitat of the animals and plants varies greatly. In the north one finds jungle-like rain forests like in the tropics, while in the southern part of Argentina the Antarctic cold prevails and besides icy fjords and extensive rock massifs, penguins and sea lions are at home here. In addition, the country is known for its short grassy steppe, the Pampa, which is replaced in the west by huge glaciers. The Perito Moreno glacier, Patagonia, the steppe and the Iguazu waterfalls are just a few of the many impressive sights that this country has in store for you.

National language of Argentina


Argentina currency

Argentine peso (1 euro ≈ 117.76)

How do I say thank you in Argentina?


Argentina Time Zone

Argentina is -4 hours behind Germany, during daylight saving time the time difference is -5 hours.

Best time to travel to Argentina

October to mid-December and April to mid-June are the best months to travel in Argentina.

Secret places in Argentina

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