Cape Verde

There is no better time to travel than now. Discover the different islands and the diverse nature of Cape Verde and let yourself be enchanted.

Why travel to Cape Verde?


Cape Verdean food culture is strongly influenced by the prevailing climate on the islands. Due to the dry weather, the selection of local vegetables and fruits is limited. Typical dishes of the islands are mostly based on corn, beans, sweet potatoes, cassava and bananas. For example, the main dish of Cape Verde, catchupa, consists mainly of corn, beans, meat or fish. A typical food in the southern and southwestern islands is xeren. This dish is also based on corn, but is enhanced with coconut milk. Other typical dishes are kuskus and djagasida, a porridge made from cornmeal and beans.


The culture of the Cape Verdeans is a unique culture that arose from a mixture of European and African influences. Before the settlement by Portugal, the islands were uninhabited. Thus, elements of Portuguese culture and elements of African cultures were mixed together. Today, it is a beautiful culture that arose from that mixture, but is still its own unique culture.


About half of all inhabitants of Cape Verde live on the main island of Santiago. But one characteristic of the inhabitants will be noticed on all islands. Whether in a big city, small town or in the countryside, the Morabeza (a Creole word that describes the hospitality, serenity and much more of Cape Verde) is capitalized everywhere. Everywhere you are welcomed with open hearts.


Cape Verde consists of many islands, 9 of which are inhabited. Before human settlement, bats were the only mammals on the islands. Instead, you can spot geckos, skinks and, with luck, sea turtles. The three flat, dry eastern islands, Sal, Boa Vista and Maio, offer gorgeous beaches and great opportunities for water sports. On Santo Antão and São Nicolau, mountain panoramas and tropical valleys can be admired. The third northern island, São Vicente, on the other hand, offers a beautiful port city, Mindelo. The three inhabited southern islands also have their interesting features. Thus, there is the main island of Santiago, the volcanic island of Fogo and the island of Brava. Brava is located behind the island of Fogo, is the smallest island of Cape Verde and witnesses incredible nature with flower fields.

Cape Verde national language

Portuguese; Cape Verde Creole

Cape Verde Currency

Cape Verde Escudo (CVE) (1 euro ≈ 110,265 CVE)

How do I say thank you in Cape Verde?


Cape Verde Time Zone

The time difference from Central Europe is -2 hours

Best time to travel to Cape Verde

All year round. Depending on the intention of the vacation, there may be particularly suitable periods here.

Secret places in Cape Verde

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