The Caribbean is not a single country, but a whole region with breathtaking nature, friendly people and colorful life. Impressive festivals, a diverse cuisine and open-minded people. All this and much more awaits you in the Caribbean.

Why travel to Caribbean?


Western European countries have also left their mark on food. But the food culture of the Caribbean consists of much more. In the Caribbean, you will find food with European, African, American Indian, East Indian, Arabic and Chinese influences. Important ingredients are fish, legumes and spices. The simplest way to describe the variety: exotic, diverse and colorful. So don't be closed-minded and try your way through the variety.


Due to the immense influence of Western European countries, mixed with the customs and cultures of the locals, the Caribbean has a motley mix of cultures. However, ahead of everything else is the vivacious charisma of the people and the region in general. Colorful, loud, impressive festivals. With bright colors, loud music, outlandish costumes and lots of fun. This is exactly how the people of the Caribbean celebrate. They dance samba, enjoy the day and radiate the feeling of joie de vivre and lightness.


About 44 million people live in the Caribbean. Surrounded by friendliness and a zest for life, they are sure to infect you. They have a kind of lightness about them that you have to experience to understand. Be enchanted by their colorful, welcoming nature and enjoy the joy of living in paradise.


The nature of the Caribbean is diverse. Surely you have the image of palm trees and white sandy beaches in your head when you think of the Caribbean. Maybe you have the scenery of the famous movies of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series in mind. But that's not all that can be found in the Caribbean. Since the Caribbean is not a single country, but a region, the nature here is also not that of a country, but of a large-scale region. Because of the different climates and environments, you will find different expressions of nature. However, it has much to offer in all areas. You can find plant species that we can not find in Europe and animals that we could only meet in the zoo. On some islands, like Cuba and Jamaica, you will find mainly flat undulating lowlands and an island overlooked by strongly karstified mountains. On islands in the Lesser Antilles, on the other hand, which are largely volcanic in origin, the bottom is topped by volcanic cones.

Caribbean national language

English, Spanish, French, Haitian, Dutch (and more)

Caribbean currency

US dollar (and others) (1€ ≈ $1.14)

How do I say thank you in Caribbean?

Thank you! Gracias! Merci! Thank you!

Caribbean Time Zone

The time difference to Central Europe is 5 to 6 hours. It varies from country to country.

Best time to travel to Caribbean

Mid November till April

Secret places in Caribbean

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