Costa Rica

Pura Vida! Not without reason, Costa Rica is one of the countries with the happiest people in the world. Here you will find spectacular wildlife, great surfing, stunning landscapes, thriving nightlife, miles of dream beaches and warm hospitality, among other things.

Why travel to Costa Rica?


Corn, beans and rice or rice, beans and corn? Costa Rican gastronomy is especially known for its hearty and mild home cooking, where corn, beans and rice are typical ingredients. The national dish of the Costa Ricans: Gallo Pinto, which means "spotted rooster" and is served with avocado and plantains in addition to rice, beans and eggs.


Costa Rica is known for its indigenous origins and is influenced by some immigrant cultures from Jamaica and China. The local democracy is considered one of the oldest and most stable in the region. A full 25% of the land area is used for protected areas, national parks and reserves.


Being happy is at the forefront of Costa Ricans' minds. They are known for their easy-going lifestyle and are considered one of the happiest people in the world. People are proud of their values and believe in education and health care. Sustainability and environmental development are considered very important.


Costa Rica is especially known for paradisiacal landscapes and hidden waterfalls. In addition to the evergreen landscapes, mighty rivers and an exotic variety of native animals await you. Discover beautiful hiking trails and observe toucans, hummingbirds, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys and sloths in their home.

Costa Rica national language


Costa Rica Currency

Colón (1€ ≈ 733.69 Colón)

How do I say thank you in Costa Rica?


Costa Rica Time Zone

The time difference with Central Europe is -8 hours in summer and -7 hours in winter.

Best time to travel to Costa Rica

November till April

Secret places in Costa Rica

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