Get ready for a Greek odyssey and experience an unforgettable cruise in the Ionian Sea.

Why travel to Greece?

A sun-drenched journey filled with culture, history and adventure. We're taking you to Greece. From Homer's epic poetry to Plato's cave, Greece has contributed much to Western civilization. Today, the country continues to bless us with its crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, amazing ancient temples, centuries-old monasteries, and of course, its delicious food. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach or sailing on the sparkling Greek sea, you will not be disappointed with your trip to Greece. The country has the most beautiful islands and hills where you can watch breathtaking sunsets and drink your ouzo while toasting to life. Get ready for a trip full of extraordinary moments. Greece is waiting for you to discover its centuries-old civilization and amazing beauty.


Heavily influenced by Western and Eastern cultures, Greek food is one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. From moussaka to tzatziki, there is so much to discover in this country.


Greece is considered the birthplace of Western culture and civilization. It is a given that we owe much to the ancient Greeks. They contributed to all fields of art, humanities and science.


The Greeks are known for their hospitality. But what sets them apart is that they are passionate. They are passionate about their history, their culture and even simple things like cooking and living.


The country is home to 6,000 islands, many of which have epic views, huge mountains, cliffs and sandy paradise beaches.

National language of Greece


Greece currency

Euro €

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Greece time zone

The time difference from Central Europe is +1 hour.

Best time to travel to Greece

May till September

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