Greenland - the largest island on Earth, politically belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark as an autonomous part. In total, the island is home to only about 55,000 people on its 2 million square kilometers. Thus, more than 80 percent of the total island area is permanently covered with ice.

Why travel to Greenland?

When you think of winter destinations, the first places that come to mind are the Alps, Norway, Sweden or Finland. But have you ever thought about Greenland? A trip to Greenland will catapult you out of your comfort zone and into an arctic and vast nature. Greenland combines rugged landscapes, icebergs, snow, auroras and landscapes full of autumn colors. Are you ready for boat trips along the massive icebergs, snowmobile or dog sled rides through the endless snow and ice landscapes, the Northern Lights dancing in the sky or a whale watching tour? This and much more awaits you on a trip to the largest island in the world. What are you waiting for?


You can definitely say that meat and fish dominate Greenlandic cuisine - sometimes even raw. For example, many locals have whale or seal meat on the menu. For example, whale can be eaten as a raw steak or as so-called "mattak" - the raw skin of the beluga whale. A popular way to prepare seal meat is as a stew. Here the meat takes on a chocolate brown color. Another delicacy is the caribou steak, the meat is quite expensive, but is incredibly tasty in smoked form. Last but not least, of course, reindeer steak cannot be missed as a specialty of the country. When it comes to popular drinks in Greenland, coffee and tea are at the top of the list. Thus, kaffemik is a popular tradition in Greenland. Since somewhat stronger spirits are quite expensive, the main alcoholic beverages consumed are beer and wine.


Today's culture of Greenland has developed from various influences. As most people can imagine, the most important role is played by the Inuit, the original population of Greenland. A lot of their legends and myths have survived the years and have been adapted in many ways to the present time. Their stories reflect their daily experiences of the people with the changing seasons, the ice and the animals. For example, a beautiful cultural celebration is the return of light after the long and dark winter is over and the first rays of sunlight reach Greenland once again.


Greenland is considered the largest island in the world, but it is also the least populated island in the world. With an area of just over 2 million km², Greenland is about 6 times the size of Germany. Today, just under 56,000 people live in Greenland, so if you're looking for peace and quiet, this is the place to be. About 89 % of the population were already born in Greenland, while the remaining 11 % are immigrant Danes or other nationals. 48,000 of the 56,000 inhabitants are distributed in the various towns. The remaining 8,500 people are distributed among about 60 small settlements in the country. Moreover, Greenlanders are famous for their hospitality. So you can expect a warm welcome should you have planned a trip to Greenland.


Greenland's different climatic conditions are particularly noticeable in the vegetation. The southwest is significantly milder, which means that there is a great diversity of species of lichens, mosses and grasses. If you go further north, the number of plant species decreases significantly, which is due to the increasing cold. In Greenland you will find the typical "polar animals", such as reindeer, arctic foxes - or wolves, snow hares, seals, whales and not to forget polar bears. Greenland is simply enchanting with its rugged nature, icebergs, northern lights, midnight sun, green fields, inland ice and even sandy beaches. In Greenland you will definitely get a sense of the power of nature.

Greenland national language


Greenland currency

Danish kroner (1€ ≈ 7.4 Danish kroner)

How do I say thank you in Greenland?


Greenland Time Zone

The time difference from Central Europe is -3 hours.

Best time to travel to Greenland

May to September, Northern Lights from September to March

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