If you can't get enough of volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs and geysers, a visit to Iceland is just the thing for you. Look forward to a fairytale world whose natural wonders you can see and feel up close.

Why travel to Iceland?


In Iceland, people love to eat and, above all, they enjoy variety. Icelandic cuisine is something for real gourmets, and there is also something for the brave who like to try unusual dishes. From the popular skyr, which has also made it into our supermarkets, to delicacies such as mutton testicles and fermented shark, there is a variety of delicious food to discover on the small island.


Despite freezing cold in winter, few hours of sunshine and lonely isolation, the Icelandic population is one of the happiest people on earth. In Iceland, the appreciation for art is very high and the small country in the north is full of music enthusiasts, as many of the locals also like to be creative in their free time.


Iceland's society is very open and accepts people as they are. Towards strangers, the inhabitants are also very welcoming and helpful. So don't be afraid to approach them if you ever need help.


The island is known for its incredible natural beauty. From hot springs to wild horses and colorful northern lights, Iceland fascinates in many ways. Nature beckons with breathtaking waterfalls, imposing glaciers and impressive fjords.

National language of Iceland


Currency of Iceland

Icelandic krona (1€ ≈ 145 Icelandic krona)

How do I say thank you in Iceland?


Time zone of Iceland

The time difference from Central Europe is -1 hour.

Best time to travel to Iceland

All year round - aurora borealis from September to March

Secret places in iceland

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