Let yourself be carried away into the magical world of the Gobi desert and explore endless steppes up to the Altai mountains in the land of Genghis Khan. On the way on horseback and during an overnight stay in a yurt, you can experience the nomadic life at first hand.

Why travel to Mongolia?

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the endless expanses of the "land of the eternal blue sky". Mongolia offers beautiful untouched landscapes from deserts, steep mountainsides to dense forests and lakes with crystal clear water. If you want to escape your hectic everyday life and dive into another world, you will be fascinated by the life of nomads, yurts and horsemen. During the day, let your gaze wander over the endless sea of grass and at night, enjoy a starry sky that is incomparable to any other place!


Nomads usually do not have four hot plates and an oven, cooking is usually done on a portable stove. Often there are one-pot dishes, everything is cooked in one big pot. Since the times of Genghis Khan, cooking with heated stones, the khorkhoh, has also been very popular. In this process, the meat is placed in a closed vessel enclosed by hot stones.


Of Mongolia's three million citizens, 94 % are Mongolians, making Mongolia an ethnically homogeneous country. The majority of the population professes Tibetan Buddhism. The cultural self-image of Mongolians, including that of urban dwellers, is still closely linked to the traditions of the nomadic society that has shaped the material and spiritual culture of the country and its people for millennia.


The Mongolians are a unique, very traditional and extremely warm and hospitable people ? especially outside the big cities. If you pass by a nomadic family in the countryside as a stranger, you are usually treated like a friend or family member: there is fermented milk and traditionally made goat cheese.


The most sparsely populated country in the world offers travelers extremely untouched nature and some absolutely lonely, impressive locations. Nature is waiting to be discovered, whether you travel on foot, on camelback, or in an off-road vehicle through the Gobi Desert, wide valleys, high mountains, raging rivers, and vast lakes.

National language of Mongolia


Mongolia currency

Tugrik (1? ? 3200 Tugrik)

How do I say thank you in Mongolia?


Time zone of Mongolia

The time difference from Central Europe is +7 hours.

Best time to travel to Mongolia

May till September

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