Whether it's a sunrise balloon ride over Bagan's iconic temples or a visit to an elephant sanctuary, Myanmar offers experiences you'll remember for a lifetime. Choose the unknown and explore this magical country with us.

Why travel to Myanmar?


There are more than 130 ethnic groups in Myanmar, each with their own cooking traditions. So, you can expect to taste a wide variety of dishes in this destination. Among them, the most famous is the delicious tea leaf salad.


Buddhism and the early Pagan kingdom have greatly influenced the culture of the country. Several ethnic groups form a huge cultural diversity in the country.


Myanmar is one of the most diverse nations on the Asian continent. The four main groups of Myanmar's indigenous population are known as Tibeto-Burman, Mon-Khmer, Austro-Tai and Karennic.


Myanmar offers a wide variety of natural landscapes, from idyllic beaches to picturesque wildlife parks.

National language of Myanmar


Myanmar Currency

Kyat (1€ ≈ 2000 Kyat)

How do I say thank you in Myanmar?


Time Zone in Myanmar

The time difference to Central Europe is +6.5 hours.

Best time to travel to Myanmar

October till May

Secret places in Myanmar

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