Immerse yourself in the history of the Incas and get to know the people of Peru. With a variety of traditions, you are sure to have a great time here.

Why travel to Peru?


Peruvian cuisine is in many cases based on potatoes and corn, seasoned with lots of garlic, pepper and fresh chili peppers. Typical dishes in Peru are ceviche - raw fish marinated in lime juice and seasoned with pepper - in the coastal regions, cuy - guinea pig, often in one piece - in the Andes, and plantains, beans and cassava as ingredients in the rainforest. In Peru's new cuisine, top chefs are trying to adapt traditional dishes to the modern culture of the big cities.


The culture of Peru is determined by a mixture of the culture of South America, the indigenous peoples and the descendants of the Spaniards. Due to the diversity with the different indigenous tribes and the European descendants, many traditions and customs coexist here. On June 24th you can experience the sun festival "Inty Raymi", which is a sign for the belief in Pachama and the sun in whole Peru. It is one of the biggest festivals in South America.


About 30 million people live in Peru. Almost half of these people belong to the indigenous tribes of Quechua, Aymara or other tribes of the rainforest areas. Peruvians are friendly and warm and are happy when you show interest in their country, their culture and their traditions, because patriotism is very important to them.


Peru has many different climatic zones. Because of this, a variety of animal and plant species can be found. One can go from long, desert-like beaches to the Andean highlands to the Amazon rainforest.

National language of Peru


Peru currency

Peruvian sol (PEN) (1 euro ≈ 4.5131 PEN)

How do I say thank you in Peru?


Peru Time Zone

The time difference from Central Europe is -6 hours

Best time to travel to Peru

June - September

Secret places in Peru

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