Thailand means the land of the free. Freedom is not only part of Thailand's naming, but also part of the mentality of its people. Feel this extraordinary atmosphere and learn from exciting acquaintances. Dive deep into new traditions, relax on paradisiacal sandy beaches or give yourself fully to the big city life of Bangkok.

Why travel to Thailand?

Inspired by monks on a deserted island or the top of a mountain between impressive temples to unwind? Go to the city of Bangkok, inhabited by nearly 15 million people, and follow the unique scenery of sounds, lights and smells into the next adventure? Thailand has this contrasting program and much more to offer!


Thai cuisine is as diverse as the country itself due to its influence from various Asian countries. The basis for most dishes is the glutinous rice "Khao Niao". The dishes get their unique, typical Thai flavor from the finely selected spices and herbs, such as lemongrass, coriander and ginger, among many others. For brave gourmets, you can also find a large selection of insect snacks on every corner!


Buddhism guides life and people in Thailand. The attitude of mind associated with Buddhism is reflected and lived at all times in the everyday life of the Thais through hospitality, joie de vivre and love of freedom.


Thailand has almost 70 million inhabitants and is not only the land of the free, but also of diversity. Because just like the food and the country, the people are also diverse. The Thai ethnic group today includes four main groups: the Thai Klaang, which includes the inhabitants of Bangkok, the Thai Phak-Tai in the south, Tai Yuan in the north and the Khon Isan in the northeast.


Thailand can also score here, because green picturesque mountain landscapes, with the highlight Doi Inthanon "the roof of Thailand", white sandy beaches and ripping waterfalls surpass any imagination.

National language of Thailand


Thailand currency

Thai Baht (1€ ≈ 37 Baht)

How do I say thank you in Thailand?

"kobb khun ka" (w) " kobb khun krab" (m)

Thailand Time Zone

The time difference from Central Europe is +6 hours.

Best time to travel to Thailand

November till April

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Secret places in Thailand


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