From the blue-tiled mosques of Bukhara to the remote semi-autonomous region of Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan offers ancient culture and plenty opportunity for adventure. 

Why travel to Uzbekistan?


What to eat in Uzbekistan is simple, because the gastronomy is rich and varied. Its typical dishes combine the colors of nature, the flavors of the Orient and the oldest traditions, many of which can be traced back several hundred years. It is even considered by many to be the best cuisine in the whole of Central Asia and counts around 1000 recipes.


The culture of Uzbekistan is very colorful and distinctive. It has been formed over thousands of years and has adopted the traditions and customs of the various nations on the territory of present-day Uzbekistan. Population of the republic is predominantly Islamist. In particular, the rural population reveres the ancient traditions that are deeply rooted in the history of the country.


Uzbekistan has about 33 million inhabitants. The people of Uzbekistan are remarkably open and always friendly to tourists. Already in active times, when the Silk Road was still considered an important trade route, contact with strangers was usual. Last but not least, the exchange with foreigners was the reason that cultures, religions and knowledge spread over the Silk Road to the different countries and cities.


Uzbekistan is characterized by its seemingly endless desert landscapes, such as the Kysylkum Desert and the landscape around the Aral Sea, which is threatened by drying up. Further south, the desert turns into steppe and turns into a mountainous landscape, the Hissar Mountains. Look forward to beautiful, untouched landscapes as far as the eye can see. 

National language of Uzbekistan

Uzbek & Russian

Currency of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistani Som (1€ ≈ 12300 Uzbekistani Som)

How do I say thank you in Uzbekistan?


Time zone of Uzbekistan

The time difference from Central Europe is +4 hours.

Best time to travel to Uzbekistan

April to June & September to November

Secret places in Uzbekistan

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