Europe is steeped in history and culture, but wild adventures also await you here.

Why travel to Europe?

From the opera in Vienna to Sicilian cuisine in Palermo to a beer in the heart of lively Ljubljana, describe just a few of Europe's most beautiful places. Hop on a Vespa and make your way through the hills of medieval Spain. Paddle on Lake Bled in Slovenia, hike through the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland, and take a snowmobile safari at dusk under the northern lights of Finland. Whether you want to relax in the warmth of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, take a glacier hike in Norway or experience the highlife in the Prosecco hills of Italy, you'll quickly realise how much this continent has to offer.


French cuisine dominates upscale dining, but Italian cuisine is a firm favorite for home cooking and food with heart. Mediterranean cuisine is hailed as some of the healthiest in the world, and the further east you travel, the more Middle Eastern recipes overlap.


In the southern reaches of Spain, Portugal and Italy, you'll find remnants of Europe's Moorish past. In Central Europe, you'll find picturesque villages and elegant Austro-Hungarian architecture, while Greece and Cyprus are home to ancient ruins with Eastern influences.


The population of Europe is nearly 750 million, stretching from the northern edges of Scandinavia to the Mediterranean coast. Russia is the most populous country, while Vatican City officially has the fewest inhabitants, with less than 1,000.


Although Europe is known for its mild climate, it is no less diverse. Travel to Scandinavia for glaciers, ice fields and fjords. In Spain, discover Europe's only desert. Hike to invigorating peaks in Central Europe and navigate Iceland's volcanic black deserts.

How many countries are part of Europe?


How many languages are there in Europe?

Approx. 200 languages

What is the largest city in Europe?


How many people live in Europe?

Approx. 0.743 billion

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