You want to escape from everyday life and just relax? Then Finland is the right place for you. Immerse yourself in untouched nature, admire the northern lights or cool off on a warm summer day in one of Finland's countless lakes.

Why travel to Finland?

Did you know that Finland is the only place in the world where you can visit Santa Claus in person? That the tap water in Helsinki is among the cleanest in the world? Or that Finland is the country with the third cleanest air in the world? In addition, Finland is one of the few countries where lost cell phones or wallets are always returned to their rightful owners, and where people can feel safe when they are out alone, no matter what time of day it is. So Finland can score points not only with its enchanting nature. No wonder Finland was nominated as the country with the highest quality of life and Finns can call themselves the happiest people in the world. Are you ready to experience this paradise up close?


Due to the country's history, Finnish cuisine has been strongly influenced by Swedish and Russian cuisine. The main ingredients are potatoes, bread, meat and fish, although different types of meat and fish are often prepared together, as in the dish "Vorschmack". The Finns keep their dishes simple, usually using very few spices, often only salt. Did you know that Finns are reported to be the world's biggest coffee drinkers? On average, Finns drink five cups a day..


In Finland, the countless saunas are part of the cultural heritage. They can be found everywhere in the country and are considered a central part of social life. In the earlier rural life of the Finns, the sauna had a very great importance. It was also used as a washing or utility room and some Finns were even born in the sauna. Apart from that, Finland's calendar offers countless cultural events and festivals. Festivals often take advantage of the beautiful scenery of the various lakes and forests.


Finns are hospitable, familiar and warm-hearted. Their often taciturn manner should not be confused with rudeness, but rather understood as a kind of Finnish tact. Finns are friendly and polite to travelers, and for them it is important not to impose.


With its 188,000 lakes, which are among the cleanest in the world, Finland is often referred to as the land of a thousand lakes. But not only that, 70% of Finland's surface is covered by vast and dense forests, which is more than any other European country can offer. In addition, Finland can boast the largest water-covered area in the world in relation to its land mass, due to its many lakes. And if that's not enough, you can marvel at the enchanting Northern Lights in the sky 200 nights a year.

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