1. find your perfect adventure

Climbing Kilimanjaro, or rather island hopping in Greece? We're sure to have the perfect adventure for you. Our travel experts will be happy to help you with your choice and answer any questions you may have.

After your booking we will confirm your place with our local team on site and then finalize your place and travel dates. Please do not book a flight before you receive the confirmation. 


2. your adventure is confirmed

After receiving our confirmation, you will receive your personal travel expert who will be your contact person for all questions from now until the end of your adventure. Now you can book your flight and your travel insurance. If you have any questions, your personal travel expert will be available at any time.

Kenya Dmc Locals

3. before starting the adventure

We will send you all important information about your trip and destination as well as a packing list in advance. Furthermore, we invite you to join our WhatsApp group, where you can get to know your fellow travellers. 

Kenya Tsavo East National Park Bicycle

4. Here we go!

Everything is booked, you hold your flight ticket in your hand and head to the airport. The big day has arrived & your adventure is about to begin! Your travel expert is always there for you and will be happy to help you with any final questions.

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Your TravelGroup

Our TripLegend travel groups consist of 8 to 16 cosmopolitan guests who are motivated to discover and experience the new travel destination together. 

  • Mixed groups (60% women & 40% men)
  • Like-minded young professionals
  • More than 90% travel alone
  • At the age of 25-39
Kenya Dmc Local

Local Expert Guides

To make your adventure unique, we only work with experienced local guides who know your destination by heart and can show you the best spots. We make sure that you feel comfortable and safe during your adventure and are always available for you.