Best time to visit Finland: When to travel to Finland?

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Finland is located in the far north of Europe and is an absolute paradise for nature lovers. The Scandinavian country offers a variety of beautiful landscapes, lakes, rivers, endless forests and countless opportunities to discover the diverse nature.

Depending on what you have in mind, there are different travel times we recommend. If you are looking for a paradisiacal winter wonderland in Lapland, cross-country skiing on long trails through the snowy landscape and watching the colorful northern lights in the sky, then December to March is the right time for you.

From April, the spring sun slowly comes through and nature awakens. June to August mark the short Finnish summer with its long days and short nights. This period is ideal for all summer outdoor adventures like paddling, hiking, cycling or boating.

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Weather and climate

Due to its location at one of the northernmost points of Europe, the country is influenced by two climatic zones: the west and southwest are characterized by a maritime climate, while the east and northeast have a more continental climate. Finnish winters are long, frosty and snowy, while summers can be warm but rainy.  

Best time to travel in summer

The months of June to August are particularly suitable for a vacation around and on the numerous lakes in the land of a thousand lakes. With temperatures of up to 30 degrees in the interior, it is especially good to stay in the numerous inland lakes, which reach a pleasant water temperature of up to 25 degrees in the summer months. A special feature are also the long and bright summer nights, which give you plenty of time to explore the breathtaking nature. In the polar region there are even more than 70 days in the Finnish summer when the sun does not set.

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Best time to travel in winter

In the cold months it's called: Welcome to the Finnish Winter Wonderland! The average temperatures in winter are normally between -5 and -15 degrees. Quite frosty! January is the coldest month and especially in the north of the country the Finnish winter with its famous polar nights is long and the days short.

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A snowshoe tour around frozen lakes and through forests covered in deep snow, spending the night under the endless starry sky or sitting in the Finnish sauna while the polar wind sweeps across the land outside sounds like the perfect adventure for you?

Then check out our 7 days Finland trip in winter. Don't worry: for all winter adventures arctic clothing is included, so you only need to bring your personal warm winter clothes. For more info and a detailed overview take a look at our Packing list for Finland.

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