Whimsical Easter customs: The 5 craziest Easter customs in Europe

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In Germany, Easter is associated with bunnies, brightly painted eggs and the search for the Easter nest. But all over the world there are many different Easter customs and traditions to celebrate Easter. The originally religious festival has been reinterpreted over the decades by many countries and celebrated with different customs. Want to learn more about Easter in other places around the world? Then this post is just right for you, here you will learn about the most bizarre and fun Easter customs of different countries.

Water battle in Poland

In Poland, Easter is celebrated in a lively manner with a water fight on Easter Monday. On the so-called ??migus Dyngus? (Wet Monday), people parade through the streets armed with water balloons, water pistols and buckets, splashing each other. If you're not a fan of involuntary spring showers, you'd better stay home. However, most people don't mind the cool wet, as it is said to bring good luck for the coming season. This makes Wet Monday probably one of the funniest Easter customs in the world.

Halloween in Scandinavia

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In Sweden and Finland, people celebrate Halloween as early as spring. Dressed as witches, children go from door to door on the Thursday before Easter, hunting for treats. The tradition comes from the legend that Scandinavian witches flew to Blocksberg before Easter to have a feast with the devil. To prevent the witches from returning, numerous bonfires are lit on Easter Sunday to scare them away.

Easter customs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Easter Customs In Other Countries

Instead of being doused with water, at Easter in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, people will be flogged. As a woman, it's best to stay home on Easter Monday, because all the local men will parade through the streets with colorfully decorated willow rods, looking for girls they can "easily" whip. But don't worry, the little blow with the willow rod is not particularly painful and is also supposed to bring health and beauty.

Red Easter in Greece

In Greece, the Easter bunny sees only red. Colorfully decorated eggs are typical for Easter. In Greece, however, you will only find red eggs in your basket. Here, Easter has a very religious meaning: red is the color of life and symbolizes the blood of Christ. Moreover, since ancient times, the egg is a symbol of the renewal of life. Thus, the red eggs represent the victory over death.

Påskekrimmen in Norway

At Easter, the crime novels are unpacked in Norway, because Easter time is crime time here. Traditionally, crime and detective stories are read, watched or listened to at this time and numerous new books in the genre are published shortly beforehand. Television channels and radio stations also run crime series, with Norwegians excitedly following along. Even on the milk cartons you can find short detective stories during this time. This tradition was triggered by the immense popularity of a crime novel from 1923.

These were the most bizarre Easter traditions in Europe - so Easter is more than just colorful Easter eggs after all! In our Magazine you will find more exciting articles that will awaken your wanderlust. If you are already drawn to faraway places, then take a look at our Travel on.

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