"Be open to making new contacts locally and with other travelers." - 11 Questions for Ambassador Tamara

Ambassador Tamara

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Ambassador Tamara soon in Namibia

Time for you to meet Tamara. She is another addition to our Ambassador family and we couldn't be more proud. Tamara comes from the Netherlands and is a true world explorer. Always eager to get to know the real country, far away from mass tourism and tourist traps, she seems to live the life many wish for. She claims that traveling gives her the ultimate sense of freedom. It's about enjoying precious moments and facing new adventures and challenges. And when we see her pictures, where her smile is as wide as it can be, we don't doubt it for a second. 

Get to know Tamara better in the following 11 questions before she joins us on the next big adventure: Namibia!!

On 01.08.2022 the adventure with her starts. We are super excited and look forward to being able to accompany her via her Instagram channel: @tamara_travelstheworld 

11 Questions for Ambassador Tamara

Your first travel posts date back to 2015, so you've been in the travel blogging business for quite a long time. But how did it all start, what made you want to write publicly about your life?

As a little girl I always loved to have my picture taken. I did that at home, but also when I was traveling with my parents. Then after the vacation I always ran to the store to drop off the rolls. Then I waited anxiously for the final result. Around my 14th birthday I got my first camera and then I went crazy for it. Many years later I bought my first DSLR camera and this camera became my best friend when traveling.

I used to give out a photo album to friends and relatives and use the photos to tell my stories.

In 2015, social media got a little bigger and more popular. I used this to my advantage to share my experiences and photos with a larger audience. So I used the Instagram platform as my new digital photo album.

Since then, you've been on the road a lot. Where did you like it best? Do you have a special place that you have taken to your heart?

I actually traveled a lot with my parents when I was a kid. When I turned 18 (2002), I took my first solo trip to Thailand. Back then, there was no social media, Google Maps and smartphones, so traveling was even more adventurous. I have Sri Lankan, Indonesian and even Nepalese roots, so you can imagine how much these countries are in my heart. Myanmar was one of my most memorable trips ever. Traveling to a country that has been closed for so many years is very special.

Is there a destination you've always wanted to travel to, and if so, what has prevented you from visiting it so far?

I've always wanted to go to Japan and it's also at the top of my wish list. I think I've been putting it off a bit because my grandfather was imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp during WW2. I'm sure he wouldn't like it if I traveled there, but I've decided to go anyway, hopefully next year.

When you travel so much, how do you feel when you get home? Are you looking forward to being home again, or are your thoughts already on the next adventure?

When I come home, I am always sad for the first few weeks. I miss the country, the experiences and the adventures. And yes, I am always thinking about or planning new trips. But I have to say seeing my friends and family again and sleeping in my own bed is worth its weight in gold.

Time for an honest look into the life of a traveler. Have you ever had a really bad experience? Where was it?

I can name 3 experiences that I will always remember:

During the 2019 protests in Colombia, I happened to get into a brawl between police and students. They shot rubber bullets and threw tear gas. I got the gas in my face and thought I was going to die.

My second experience was in Athens, I was robbed outside the library in daylight.

Then the third was during my travels in China. I got the flu, which ended in pneumonia. I was incredibly sick, but I was on a train for 24 hours.

You are accompanying us to Namibia. What do you expect from your safari adventure in the African country?

I am so excited and can't wait to get going. I am really looking forward to learning about the country. I want to learn about their culture. I want to meet the animals in their natural habitat, take care of them and enjoy all the great landscapes the country has to offer. I expect this tour to give me a complete picture of all the above. I also expect a good balance between adventure and relaxation. And I am 100% sure that it will be the best organized trip I could ask for.

When you're not traveling with us: do you plan your trips in advance or do you go for it spontaneously?

Since I have a full-time job, I have to request my vacation in advance. Most of the time I plan which country I'm going to, but the rest I think about when I'm actually there. For longer trips outside of Europe, I only plan the first accommodation. This gives me much more freedom and I can always decide to do other things.

What is especially important to you when you travel? Is there something you always take with you?

For me, the most important thing about traveling is not having to work 😀 No, seriously now - traveling gives me the ultimate feeling of freedom, it makes me feel 100% alive. You learn to appreciate all the precious moments and are always stimulated with new adventures and challenges. No two days are the same. Another thing I think is very important is meeting the locals and immersing yourself in their culture, because they make the country what it is.

I can't travel without my camera, drone, phone, laptop and medication.

And the most important question: mountains or sea? City or country?

That's the hardest question, because I really like everything. In Europe I mainly do city trips, and outside Europe I try to see as much of the country as possible, but I think I like beaches a bit more than mountains.

Finally, we'd love to hear about your current visit to Thailand. What has been your favorite experience so far?

I only traveled to Thailand because I wanted to travel overland to Laos. I stayed 1.5 weeks in Thailand and my highlight was a 4-day jungle hike. Sleeping with the locals and seeing the incredible nature was just indescribable. In Laos, I admire all the beautiful temples and enjoy riding a scooter through the breathtaking nature.

Bonus question: is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Don't be afraid and don't be unsure if you are traveling alone, just book a ticket and go. 

You will have the best time in your life! You can really get to know yourself and you definitely won't feel lonely. People always think that you're alone on a solo trip, but that's far from the case because you'll meet many like-minded people everywhere you go. My tip is to book a dorm room or private room in a hostel. This is the perfect place to meet other travelers. Be open to making new contacts locally and with other travelers. Try to believe in the good in people. If you are open to other people and their culture, you will experience so much more.

Source: @Tamara_travlestheworld (Instagram)

More about our Namibia trip you can see on our website or have a look at the interview with our Ambassadors Roadbunnies who have explored Jordan with us.

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