Tiffany: Teacher, flight attendant and travel blogger.

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Tiffany tells us how she's discovering the world as a flight attendant, pursuing a steady job as a teacher while living out her passion of travel blogging.

Would you like to tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Tiffany, I am 29 years old and I am from near the beautiful city of Heidelberg. Since 2 years I am a teacher for the subjects English, Geography, and Everyday Culture & Health. As you might guess from my choice of subjects, I have always been very interested in languages, cultures and the world, which is why I decided to work as a flight attendant after my teacher training to fulfill my desire to get to know the world even better.

You worked as a flight attendant for several years. Is that the reason for your fascination with travel or have you wanted to explore the world since childhood?

The fascination of travelling was given to me by my parents. At the age of 16, I went to Missouri, America for a high school year. Here I also realized that the best way to travel is to really dive deep into cultures and become a part of them. Longer stays in Costa Rica, Fiji and Bali followed. Through the job as a flight attendant, I was also allowed to travel to countries that a "normal" tourist would rather not travel to, such as Turkmenistan, Equatorial Guinea or Kazakhstan.

Flight attendant Tiffany
Photo by @tiffanymlk on Instagram

How is travelling as a flight attendant different from private travel and do you have enough time to see the cities during a sightseeing flight?

On a round trip you usually "only" have 1-3 days at a destination, but you have the luxury of being able to visit several destinations within a month. I tried to explore and experience as much as possible each time, even if sleep sometimes came a little too short as a result. Since you usually have a lot more time on private trips, you don't have to pack your days as full, but even there I find it hard to relax when I know there is so much to explore in a "foreign" country.

During your time as a flight attendant, you spent a lot of time on planes. Do you have any tips for our TripLegend on how to make long intercontinental flights more enjoyable?

Drink, drink, drink - and no, I don't mean alcohol 😀 Even small stretching exercises at the airport are good for the body (depending on the airline, there are even videos in the in-flight program). And if you are one of those people who can sleep anytime and anywhere (like me), the flight will of course fly by.

Many different people meet on a flight, which sometimes leads to funny situations. Do you remember one guest or situation in particular?

Actually, almost every flight was fun, on the one hand because of the colleagues, with whom you always find something to laugh about despite fatigue and stress, but on the other hand also really because of this colorful crowd of people who have to spend several hours together in a confined space. It has happened, for example, that you get on so well with passengers that they write down their address at the end of the flight and invite you to their home in Canada.

Can you recall a flight where there was either severe turbulence or a guest made it difficult for you to work?

Fortunately, I can't remember any guest who really made my job more difficult. It becomes unpleasant when the guests are too drunk or it almost comes to a mass brawl among the passengers because of unnecessary back discussions. Once, lightning also struck the aircraft shortly after takeoff, which caused a brief moment of shock due to the loud bang, but usually does not cause any major damage to the aircraft.

Now that you're not flying anymore, you have to decide for yourself where to go. You usually travel together with your boyfriend, how do you decide where to go next?

This decision is actually never difficult for us, because almost every corner of the earth appeals to us. But we always try to travel to new countries. Decisive factors are of course the climate at the time of the trip. We inform ourselves in advance what the country has to offer. Important for us is a colorful offer of nature, culture, sights and food.

I look for information on other travel blogs or on Instagram. Before we start our trip, I write us a rough itinerary to be able to take as much as possible without stress. Based on our own experiences, we create an itinerary after the trip. Travel blog, to tell other travelers about our favorite places and make planning easier.

And now for your past travel experiences. What is your most inspiring travel memory? And where was it?

In 2013, I flew to Sulawesi, Indonesia, on my own, relatively spontaneously. When I arrived there, I was advised by locals to get on a bus heading north. For 10 hours I sat among chickens, cigarette smoke and sleeping grannies. Arriving in Tana Toraja, I found myself in a culture where everything revolves around the cult of the dead.

After a few days among beautiful rice terraces, green mountains and coffee plantations, I met a local who even took me to a funeral ceremony where hundreds of guests danced and played music. Traditionally, offerings are also made here, so I witnessed several water buffalo being sacrificed. Shocking, heartbreaking, yet part of an ancient tradition. This experience will stay with me forever.

Photo by @tiffanymlk on Instagram

What's the one place you just can't forget? And should it be on your TripLegend bucket list?

Phew, I can hardly decide. As part of my studies, I spent a semester abroad in Bali. Some might think "Bali - sucked dry", but even here, far away from mass tourism, there is so much to discover. The small island has so much to offer, from steep volcanoes to lush green rice fields, the perfect waves, colorful coral reefs, red sunsets, Balinese ceremonies, delicious food, yoga and much more. We can also highly recommend Sri Lanka, Fiji or Iceland and because of the versatility I could really imagine myself on the TripLegend Bucketlist to stand!

Photo by @tiffanymlk on Instagram

Anything else you'd like to share?

Of course, it's a total shame that the tourism industry is suffering greatly in the times of Corona. The fact that private individuals are restricted in their travel behaviour is probably more of a luxury problem. But travel providers, airlines and countries that rely on tourism are really hit hard. So it remains to be wished for all that it will be possible to travel this beautiful, diverse and colorful planet again very soon!

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