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With over 130 ethnic groups, Myanmar is one of the most diverse nations on the Asian continent. Having opened its doors to tourism, the country warmly welcomes travelers and offers them memories that will last a lifetime. Before you embark on a trip to the land of glittering golden temples, we recommend this post that will help you experience Myanmar like a local.

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Photo by Sergio Capuzzimati

Respect local life

To immerse yourself in the glittering beauty of Myanmar, you must first respect the country's culture and traditions. Since Buddhism strongly influences Myanmar, a conservative dress code is expected in the country. When visiting the temples, you should avoid shorts and rather wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. The Myanmar embassy has compiled a list of 30 Do's & Don'ts in Myanmar.

But if you want to feel a bit more local, we advise you to try the longyi. Longyi is a traditional Burmese cloth that people in Myanmar wear in their daily life. During the period of British colonial rule, the longyi became more and more popular. The interesting thing about the long history of the longyi is that each local tribe has its own style with it. The patterns and weaves also change with the different ethnic groups.

Travel Like A Local In Myanmar By Train
Photo by Hakan Nural

Drink sugar cane juice

Sugar cane is a very popular drink in Myanmar. You can find a vendor on every corner freshly squeezing sugar cane with a machine. Be sure to try the sugar cane juice when you hear a vendor ringing the bells of his stalls on the streets of Myanmar. This should be one of the local highlights of your trip. Don't forget to ask the vendor to add some ice and lime to your juice!

Stretcher Thanaka

People in Myanmar use thanaka to protect their skin from sunburn. It is a yellow paste that the Burmese make from the roots of the thanaka tree with a little water. Women, men and children have been using this ancient Burmese tradition for thousands of years. The Burmese believe it is one of the most beneficial natural creams in the world. Well, we suggest you try it for yourself to experience Myanmar like a local.

Local Child Myanmar

Take a boat trip across Inle Lake

The best way to experience Inle Lake is to take a boat ride across its sparkling waters. Watching the Intha fishermen and their unique fishing techniques will surely help you get an authentic impression of life in Myanmar.

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Photo by Baptiste Azais

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