The picturesque national parks of Turkmenistan

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Turkmenistan is for many travelers still a great unknown - wrongly, we think. The country is a real insider tip for all those who want to experience something special off the beaten track. Turkmenistan has opened up to tourism since the early 1990s. The locals themselves often do not have the opportunity to travel internationally and visit sights and national parks in other countries. All the more they are happy when tourists and adventure seekers make their way to their home country.

The country, which borders Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Iran and Uzbekistan, offers a diverse and interesting nature. Therefore, in this report we would like to inform you about the different national parks of the country. It is important to note at this point that the country calls its national parks nature reserves. However, we find these are always worth a visit.

Repetek Biosphere Reserve

In the southeast of the Karakum Desert is the Repetek National Park Biosphere Reserve. Originally, the area was founded in 1912 as a research station and was then declared a national park in 1927. In 1978, Repetek National Park was also declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Those heading to the Repetek Biosphere Reserve should be prepared for extremely warm temperatures. The national park is located in one of the hottest regions in Asia. The Repetek Biosphere Reserve is home to around 1340 native species. The dunes of the Karakum Desert are particularly spectacular.

Badhyz Nature Reserve

Jacques Dillies Fxyha 6Cnnk Unsplash

Badhyz National Park (Badhyz Nature Reserve) is located in the southwest of Turkmenistan. Like all facilities of this kind, this national park is under the administration of the Ministry of Nature Protection. The foundation of Badhyz Nature Reserve dates back to 1941. The landscape is characterized by steppes, bush areas and huge rocky cliffs. For the Asian donkey, Badhyz National Park is a special refuge. The protected area is the last natural retreat for these special animals. Furthermore, wild boars, striped hyenas, leopards and urials can be spotted here.

Gaplaňgyr National Park / Kaplankyr Nature Reserve

Dasha Urvachova Oqlm0Sa8Xee Unsplash

Gaplaňgyr National Park is also considered a nature reserve in Turkmenistan. It was founded in 1979 and is located in the northwest of the country. The Kaplankyr Nature Reserve offers many special features, but the saiga antelope is certainly a special highlight once again.

Bereketli Garagum: Desert nature reserve

National parks Turkmenistan: Bereketli Garagum: desert nature reserve

If you are interested in deserts, you will surely find what you are looking for in the Bereketli Garagum National Park. The park has a total area of 87,000 hectares. Founded in 2013, the national park's main task is to protect the ecosystem and natural resources of the Karakum Desert. In the long term, it is expected that the reserve has a chance to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You want to see the national parks of Turkmenistan live?

Other nature reserves and national parks of Turkmenistan are:

  • Hazar Nature Reserve
  • Köpetdag Nature Reserve
  • Sünt-Hasardag Nature Reserve
  • Amyderýa nature reserve
  • Kugitang Nature Reserve

We hope this article has given you a good overview of the unique national parks of Turkmenistan. It is clear that you have to travel to see the beautiful corners of this world. Do you want to know more about Turkmenistan and discover the country on your own? Sign up for our Newsletter and be the first to know when our Turkmenistan trip goes live. If you want to learn more about the protection of animal and plant species in Turkmenistan, we recommend this article.

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