Finland: The 4 most beautiful national parks

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Endless pine forests, crystal clear rivers and fresh air: the national parks in Finland are impressive and full of experiences. Brown bears, moose and several other animals call these parks home. Snowy in winter, pleasantly warm in summer, we show you the most beautiful national parks in Finland.

Lemmenjoki National Park in Lapland

In the far north of Finland stretches the largest national park in the country. Lemmenjoki, named after the Lemmenjoki River that rises here, was established as early as 1956 and is now over 60 years old. Crossed by several small river structures of the tributaries, the park is a paradise for wild brown bears. 

Other animals can also be found here. Moose with their impressive antlers also live in Lemmenjoki, golden eagles circle above the treetops and reindeer seek their paths among the pines and birches of the forests. They can do this completely untouched by human intervention. This is because the national park is divided into two areas: The base area and the wilderness area. In the base area, there are a total of 60 kilometers of hiking trails along breathtaking nature. Here visitors can move freely on the trails and enjoy the flora and fauna of the park. 

The much larger wilderness area, on the other hand, is not accessible to visitors. Here, animals and plants live in complete peace, cut off from human civilization. The area is hereby one of the largest regions in Europe where there are no trails at all. Nevertheless, a visit to the base area is worthwhile, because even here the many hiking trails are enough for extensive hikes.

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Linnansaari in Finland's Lake District

Also established in 1956, Linnasaari National Park is located in the middle of the Finnish lake district. It is home to several small and larger islands in the lakes and is accessible all year round. The national park is especially worth visiting in the warm summer. Since it is located quite south in Finland, it gets pleasantly warm here in the summer. But also in winter, during the ice skating season, the park is worth a visit. Here it may be that parts of the lakes freeze over and you can have a very special winter experience. In addition to ice skating and skiing in the winter are in summer Canoe*- and boat trips are possible and swimming is also fun in the lakes.


Located in Lapland, Oulanka is one of the most beautiful national parks in Finland. It depicts the area around the raging river Oulankajoki. This is also the main attraction of the national park. Huge masses of water flow at high speed through the partly narrow riverbed. Around it, the dense coniferous and birch forests form an impressive natural landscape. This also pleases the animals: In addition to bears, otters and badgers, there are also occasional wolves and lynxes living here. In addition, over 7000 different species of insects buzz and crawl through the park. Along the way, beautiful yellow and pink orchids often stretch their blossoms towards the happy visitors. Because of the unique nature in this area, it was first proposed as a national park in 1897.

Oulanka National Park Is One Of The Most Beautiful In Finland


Pallas-Yllästunturi is the most visited national park in Finland. More than half a million guests flock here every year. Nevertheless, the park is not overcrowded. With over 1000 square kilometers, it is one of the three largest in all of Finland. Here, the crowd of guests spreads out quickly. But the many visitors are not mistaken. The nature here is particularly beautiful, several hiking trails invite you to day trips and in the winter there are over 500 km of cross-country skiing trails. Ski routes* through the snowy winter landscape. The Scandinavian flair comes into its own here in Lapland. When hiking, the many small shelters, viewing platforms and rest areas along the way come in handy and invite you to have a little picnic. 

However, besides hiking and skiing, many other activities are possible here: the national park can also be visited by mountain bike and in a canoe. Thus, other perspectives of nature as well as other routes are possible.

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