The 7 most beautiful beaches in Morocco

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Beach life in Morocco offers more than just sun and sea. Agadir, the country's main resort, is just a stone's throw from Europe and attracts many Europeans who simply want to enjoy the sun and beach in the summer. The wild and windy beaches along the Atlantic coast are known for their surfing opportunities, and thanks to the numerous surf providers, this is also a great place to learn how to surf.

Many of Morocco's beach towns and resorts are in close proximity to some of the country's most famous historic sites and beaches. These are our top 7.


Person Standing On Cliff

Legzira beach is located about ten kilometers from the town of Sidi Ifni in the southern region of Morocco. Like many other beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, the 8 km long beach of Legzira is windy, rocky and vast. However, what distinguishes Legzira from others are its once two huge stone arches. However, due to strong waves, one of the two arches collapsed in 2016. The one that still remains, a natural sedimentary giant after years of erosion, juts out of the ever-surging waves and is accessible at low tide. This beautiful location gets an even more romantic atmosphere when the sun sets behind the stone arch.

Dragon Island

Brown Camels On Desert During Daytime

In the extreme south of Morocco, on the Atlantic coast of the Sahara, there is a magical bay where the Dragon Island appears like a mirage on the horizon. Surrounded by water, Dragon Island rises in the Atlantic Ocean, a completely wild and natural terrain, two hours away by boat, where you will feel as if you were alone in the world. This small lost island overlooking the beaches of Dakhla could be the perfect backdrop for a television series about survivors or a pirate movie.

Travel Tip: At low tide it is possible to approach Dragon Island from the coast in just 3 kilometers.


People On Beach During Daytime

Located on the Atlantic coast between Al Jadida and Casablanca, Oualidia is a cozy little fishing village known for its seafood and especially its oysters. Due to its somewhat remote location, the small village was not on the map for many years. Today, many Moroccans and tourists visit the village throughout the year, but especially in the summer because of the beautiful sea coast.

The beach of Oualidia is really beautiful, one of the best beaches in Morocco. Soft fine sand and a pleasantly fresh sea invite you to swim and linger. Protected by the lagoon, the sea is ideal for swimming, but kayaking and surfing are also popular activities here. The whole beach atmosphere is wildly romantic and very authentic.


White Concrete Building On Brown Rock Formation Near Body Of Water During Daytime

The beach in Essaouira is certainly one of the absolute highlights along the Moroccan coast. Just a stone's throw from the historic old town, you will experience a wildly romantic, beautiful and long sandy beach that will captivate you with an indescribable romantic flair and cozy atmosphere. It is a meeting place for surfers and kite surfers and especially in the warmer months a popular place for vacationers who like to swim in the Atlantic and soak up the sun. Also pretty are the many small bars and fish restaurants that invite you to enjoy and relax along Essaouira's promenade.


Boat On Sand Near Ocean

The former fishing village is located on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, north of Agadir. Today Taghazout is the center of the Moroccan surf scene and only a stone's throw away from some world-class surf spots. The village still retains much of its old charm, and on your way to the beach you'll pass through narrow cobbled streets with whitewashed buildings down to the harbor full of overturned blue fishing boats just returning from a morning fishing trip.

The beach has golden sand and can be divided into several sections; in front of the village and behind the old town is the panoramic beach, while the main beach section is just behind the rocks at the southern end. Here you'll find a long, wide beach lined with gnarled argan trees, where goats often hang out to feast on their seeds.

Travel Tip: If you feel like exploring, you can drive about 60 kilometers to the Paradise Valley where you will see calm pools of turquoise water at the foot of incredible waterfalls. This trip offers you some of the most beautiful sights that wild Morocco has to offer.


Bird's-Eye View Photography Of Beach

The small fishing village of Imsouane is located on a remote headland about halfway between Agadir and Essaouira. Despite its "discovery" as a great surfing destination, the village still retains much of its traditional charm and industry. The town is known for its lively fish market, where you can buy all kinds of fish and seafood fresh from the sea.

There are two beaches in Imsouane: a wide sandy bay between headlands on the north side of town and the imaginatively named Plage d'Imsouane 2, which is a bit wilder. Both beaches are among the most beautiful in Morocco and both offer good surfing conditions.

The backdrop of the mountains and wild landscape on one side and the traditional whitewashed fishermen's huts nestled on the hillside on the other make this a particularly charming corner of Morocco.

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These were our personal favorite beaches in Morocco. If you want more African flair then take a look at our round trips for Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania on.

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