4 great tips on how to get around ecologically and sustainably on your adventure

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Climate change and, above all, climate protection concern us all. The big picture starts small. Find out now how you can minimize your ecologically sustainable footprint on your adventure. 

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How do I find sustainable travel providers? 

Planning is essential and very present for the basic building block of your adventure. The choice of your adventure destination should be well considered to avoid an already existing mass tourism. Accordingly, pay attention to an active improvement of living conditions and environmental protection, especially in developing and emerging countries such as Kenya or Kyrgyzstan. In addition, the travel time is a crucial point. Maybe you can make your travel time more flexible. With a flexible travel time you benefit from not overcrowded places, more favorable conditions and thus support the locals also in the low season.

With which means of transport do I start my adventure?

Everyone is aware that the car or train is visibly better than a plane. However, long-distance travel cannot always be avoided and you are dependent on the airplane. But here you have the possibility to compensate your long-distance flight for your conscience. For each kilometer flown, you can donate an amount to a climate protection organization, e.g. atmosfair, greenmiles or myclimate donate. These organizations support the climate and environmental projects. 

How do I get from A to B to my destination ecologically?

One of the most important questions is how to get around sustainably at your destination. After all, everyone wants to see something of their surroundings and not just spend their time in their accommodation. Shorter distances should be covered on foot. In addition, you have the possibility, while you are on foot, to take a closer look at quaint alleys or the local, colorful weekly market. If you have longer distances ahead of you, you can also rent a bicycle. Many accommodations now offer bicycles. Cycling is good for the environment, a great fun factor and even keeps you fit. 

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If you want to visit other cities, you can check the bus schedules or the local train in your accommodation or through the Internet and you will be completely sustainable. If you don't want to do without a car at all because you like the independence, consider taking a rental car. Meanwhile, there are also e-sharing offers that let you explore your adventure on your own in a relatively climate-neutral way. 

How do I behave sustainably at the vacation destination?

It is best to find out in advance about the local customs regarding the country. The choice of accommodation is also important. In the best case you can count on a Eco seal such as TourCert, BioHotels, GreenGlobe, Green Pearls, the European Ecolabel or GreenSign/InfraCert. In Europe there are more than 2000 accommodations that offer the eco-label.

The award is given to accommodation that is environmentally conscious and sustainable in water, waste, energy and climate. If you have the possibility to change the towels, don't change them every day and use the air conditioning only when you really need it, like when you are in your accommodation. Use water and electricity sparingly in your traveled adventure. Especially the water pumping in most countries is not up to European standards and often requires more energy than in Europe. 

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In order to local economy you can buy local products. With fruits and vegetables, it's usually not that difficult to distinguish where which fruits and vegetables come from. In the best case, also avoid plastic. If you go shopping, take a backpack or a bag with you. This way you save a lot of plastic and leave a sustainable footprint. Everybody produces garbage. Take the garbage with you, the next bucket is surely just around the corner, instead of leaving it lying around. 

Sustainable Moving Forward

Fancy an eco-conscious adventure with a minimal environmental footprint? Then check out now Thailand, Kenya or Armenia and get more inspiration on Instagram.

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