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Pai Canyon

Red sand and majestic rocky gorges, Pai Canyon has so much more to offer and enchants everyone with its breathtaking views.

Maeklong Railway Market

At the impressive Maeklong Railway Market, railroad tracks carry a Thai train right through the daily hustle and bustle of the market.

Phraya Nakhon Cave

A mystical cave illuminated by the morning sun, located in the middle of a national park in western Thailand.

World's largest puffin colony - Vestmannaeyjar

Vestmannaeyjar, also known as the Westman Islands, is a group of islands in Iceland formed by undersea volcanic eruptions. Among many other activities, you can see an incredible amount of puffins here, which is why Vestmannaeyjar is also called the Puffin Capital.
Great Britain

Lundy Island

The island of Lundy is small, but offers a lot of variety. Especially for nature lovers it is a perfect destination. For example, the rare seabirds "Puffins" can be observed here.


Nuuk is a modern Arctic capital with a lot of culture and history, tremendous nature and inhabitants who live a fascinating life with old traditions and modern influences.

Saimaa lake landscape

The Saimaa lakescape offers a unique place for canoeing and cycling with the possibility to admire ruins and castles.

Lake Inarijärvi

In the north of Lapland is Inarijärvi, the mystical lake of the Sámi people.

Lake Höytiäinen

Today, Lake Höytiäinen is still one of the 20 largest lakes in Finland, although it used to be about 1.5 times larger.

Lake Päijänne

The beautiful Lake Päijänne in Southern Finland invites you to a boat or canoe tour along the many island landscapes.

Lake Pielinen

The fourth largest lake and the highest island in Finland are not only a popular vacation destination, but even become a real highway in winter.

Brúin milli heimsálfa - bridge

Cross the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates on the bridge between two continents "Brúin milli heimsálfa" in Iceland.


The Hvítserkur rock formation off the northern coast of Iceland is enchanting and provides a unique backdrop, especially during moonlight or aurora borealis.

The Rock Restaurant

A floating gourmet restaurant in traditional style, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean off Zanzibar.

Kolmannskuppe ghost town

The once richest city in Africa is now swallowed up by the desert - Kolmannskuppe and its history of origin.

Giraffe Manor

Enjoy breakfast while a giraffe sticks its head through the window? At Giraffe Manor in Kenya, that's possible!

Meteora Monasteries

Steep cliffs, dizzying heights and UNESCO World Heritage Site - The Floating Monasteries of Meteora.

Sólheimasandur airplane wreckage

A sight like something out of a science fiction movie: a white airplane wreck on a black beach on the Icelandic coast.

Kerið crater lake

This crater lake shines in unusual colors and is also called "The eye of the world".

Komodo National Park

Untouched nature, beautiful sandy beaches and the home of real dragons - Komodo National Park in Indonesia.

Uschguli village community

A village community in the middle of the Georgian mountains, dotted with medieval stone towers and a fascinating history.

Goðafoss waterfall

A divine waterfall as a sign of religious change in Iceland.

Tanah Lot Temple

An unusual temple in the sea, a freshwater spring surrounded by salt water and poisonous sea snakes of all sizes.

Wae Rebo village

A secluded village surrounded by unspoiled nature, with traditional houses, customs and a warm community.

Aalam Ordo

The mysterious ruin of a vision in which science and spirituality were to be united in a huge complex for young and old.

Ala-Kul lake

Hidden in a picturesque valley of the Terskej-Alatau high mountains lies a colorful lake with healing waters.

Hot springs Kara-Tash

Pleasantly warm water, incredible nature and near a ghost town - The Kara-Tash Hot Springs.

Dunganen Mosque

Although no nails were used in the construction of this mosque in 1910, it is the only one in Karakol that has survived the test of time.

Lake Merzbach

A mysterious glacial lake, which empties every year for inexplicable reasons in a rarely seen spectacle.

Dungan family restaurant

An idyllic village outside Karakol offers delicious specialties, ancient traditions and a history that will not soon be forgotten.

Skaska Canyon

A place out of a fairy tale or rather the surface of Mars? - Skaska Gorge seems to be out of this world.

Yuri Gagarin Monument

Whether he was here or not, Yuri Gagarin's face graces the Barskoon Valley landscape.

Seven Bulls - Djety Oguz

Seven rocks with a legend as blood red as the color in which they shine in the light.

Burana tower

A tower with its legend as one of the few remnants of a past city, which was once the "center of the world".

Ghost town Engilchek

Once a lively village with 5000 inhabitants, now an abandoned ghost town in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

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