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The TripLegend round trips in group

Experience the adventure of a lifetime on TripLegend tours. With local guides we take you to the most remote places on our planet, far away from mass tourism. Get to know new cultures, get in touch with the local people and feel nature like never before.

Unique experiences with like-minded people

With TripLegend group tours you don't have to wait until your friends have time to discover the world with you. Don't miss the exciting sides of life but book a group trip with like-minded people. In small groups you will experience unforgettable moments. The memories you create together with your fellow travelers will connect you for a lifetime. Make friends in your travel group and travel as sustainably as possible: because a group trip is like a carpool, where you not only share the costs, but also the emissions.

Authentically explore the world

At TripLegend, we always aim to show you the beauty of the earth as authentically as possible. That's why local guides take you through their own country and bring you even closer to their culture. Our roundtrip itineraries are our curated, tested itineraries that will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don't waste time and check out our selected adventures. If you're not sure where to go, make the test.

Sustainable tours

All TripLegend trips are 110% climate compensated. We also plant one tree per guest in the Albertine Rift in Uganda with our partner One Tree Planted. Every trip is designed from the ground up to meet our strict sustainability guidelines. Our guides are trained to provide you with the most sustainable experience possible and are particularly knowledgeable about environmental travel. You can read more about this in our Magazine or our sustainable travel.