14 days

Botswana self drive round trip in 4x4 with hotels

Explore Botswana yourself with your rental car without a guide. Everything is booked for you, you can decide independently when you want to drive from place to place during the day.

from 2349€ p.p.

What awaits you

Would you like to discover the beauty of Botswana, but not give up flexibility and independence in your vacation? Do you have no time to organize such an extensive trip yourself or are you unsure? Then let us inspire you here and now with our Self-Drive Botswana Round Trip - Perfect for couples, families and friends! Drive with a rented car to desired places at desired times! Discover the rich wildlife of Botswana and explore the area on safaris. Get to know the culture and people and experience dreamlike sunsets at the unique river landscapes.

What awaits you

Would you like to discover the beauty of Botswana, but not give up flexibility and independence in your vacation? Do you have no time to organize such an extensive trip yourself or are you unsure? Then let us inspire you here and now with our Self-Drive Botswana Round Trip - Perfect for couples, families and friends! Drive with a rented car to desired places at desired times! Discover the rich wildlife of Botswana and explore the area on safaris. Get to know the culture and people and experience dreamlike sunsets at the unique river landscapes.
Travel duration
14 days
Price p. person
from 2349€
What is included?
What makes our trips special


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You have the option to book your flights separately or contact us quickly and easily via WhatsApp for a personal flight quote. If you book your flights separately, please plan your arrival so that you arrive at the airport around afternoon to start your Botswana adventure together in the evening.

After your arrival at the airport you will be warmly welcomed by our local partner and brought to your guesthouse.


Shuttle (approx. 15 km / 20 min)

Rondavel Double BB

Today's highlight: Relax in the small town of Gumare!

Your first drive will take you to the small town of Gumare, in northwestern Botswana. On the way, about halfway, you can stop at Lake Ngami, where you can see pelicans or flamingos. In Gumare you can enjoy the evening in a local restaurant.

 Breakfast, dinner

private transfer (approx. 300 km/ 4,5 hours)

Guma Lagoon Camp

Your highlight today: Experience the untouched nature of Namibia!

Look forward to the probably most unique national park in Namibia! On your way you have the possibility to take a break in Rundu after half of the distance and relax a bit. Rundu is the second largest city in Namibia after Windhoek and at the same time a very young city. It is known for its beautiful woodcarving art, which you can see or buy at the market of the cooperative Mbungura Woodcraft. After you have completed the second half of your journey, the beautiful Bwabwata National Park awaits you. Wonderful green landscapes and abundant wildlife await you. There are also several villages, which makes the park very different from others. Bwabwate plays a crucial role in the conservation of elephants, here you can find one third of all gentle giants living in Namibia. Also for many other animals the habitat is very important and you can look forward to great animal observations and of course pure nature! It is also a clear recommendation to visit the great Khwe Living Museum.

 Breakfast, dinner

private transfer (about 150 km/2,5 hours)

Nunda River Lodge

Your highlight today: Namibia inspires you with tropics and lots of water a true animal paradise!

Today you can look forward to wonderful nature and great animals. Also on your way to the park great nature is already waiting for you, generally speaking this area is called the golden triangle, a perfect wilderness area and a completely untouched nature. Besides the many wonderful animals, like elephants, zebras, lions, leopards, antelopes or buffalos, you will also find hippos and crocodiles in the south near the waters. You can especially look forward to the bird diversity with over 400 bird species. It is recommended to visit the interesting Mafwe Living Museum.

 Breakfast, dinner

private transfer (about 220 km/2,5 hours)

Camp Kwando


Your highlight today: Optionally visit the beautiful river island Impalila Island!

Today you will travel to Botswana, on the way you can make another stop in Katima Mulilo, the capital of the Zambezi region in Namibia if you want to take a break. Once you arrive in Kasane, a visit to the beautiful Impalila Island, located in the middle of Chobe National Park, is definitely a great recommendation. It is located in the 4 country corner and can only be reached by boat or plane. Here you will also find especially many elephants, as well as other water animals. Enjoy the sunset and watch the elephants bathing in the water. In addition, a magnificent variety of birds is waiting for you!


private transfer (approx. 230 km/ 2,5 hours)

Chobe Safari Lodge

Your highlight today: Experience flamingos and pelicans at Nata Bird Sanctuary

On your way from Kasane to Gweta you will pass through several nature reserves. You will meet a lot of animals and the drive will give you great views. You will have several opportunities to make stops. Worth mentioning is the Nata Bird Sanctuary. Large colonies of pelicans and flamingos await you in the sanctuary. Especially at the large salt lake, flocks of flamingos will fly past you. Enjoy the sunset before you go to your next accommodation.

 Breakfast, dinner

private transfer (approx. 400 km/ 4,5 hours)

Planet Baobab

Your highlight today: A unique biodiversity awaits you in the oldest nature reserve in Botswana.

Your next tour will take you to Moremi National Park, where you will have two days to explore everything. The Moremi Game Reserve is located in the east of the world famous Okavango Delta. A remarkable number of wildlife species, a diverse bird life and a varied landscape. A combination of mopane forests, floodplains, fabulous lagoons, papyrus rivers and acacia forests. There is no other place in Africa where so many ecosystems merge seamlessly.


private transfer (approx. 240 km/ 4 hours)

Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa

If you book your flights separately, you can flexibly plan your return flight on the day of departure.

We would love to welcome you back for your next adventure!

Rental car


Get to know the great Botswana on your self-drive trip with a 4×4. Enjoy great landscapes during your trips and discover fantastic nature and look forward to interesting places. For this you will get the Toyota Hilux on your trip, which is best suited for driving on tarred roads, gravel roads or off-road.

Type: Pick up 4 x 4

Gearbox: Manual transmission

Luggage: 4 x large

Air conditioner: Yes

Audio: Radio/USB/AUX

Seats: 5

Plenty of space and comfort - Perfect therefore for adventurers in Botswana


Discovery Bed & Breakfast (Day 1)

Location: Maun

Room category: Standard room at Rondavel

Equipment: Wi-Fi, outdoor pool, parking, bar, café

Enjoy pure nature! Listen to the sounds of birds and take a shower in your private outdoor shower under the stars. Erive a mixture of tswanaian/african and dutch hospitality and take a nice walk in the Near the river Thamalakane. Look forward to spending time together in your own cozy rondavel!

Guma Lagoon Camp (Day 2)

Location: Gumare

Room category: Standard room

Equipment: Restaurant, terrace, mosquito net

Your chalet offers you a great view of the lagoon. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the water, whose rays warm your room. Here is also a paradise for fishermen and for bird watching! You can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on our beautiful terrace by the lagoon.

Nunda River Lodge (Day 3 and 4)

Location: Kavango East Region

Room category: Standard room

Equipment: wifi, pool, bar, restaurant, excursions, mosquito net

Warm hospitality, beautiful chalets, great wildlife and a great opportunity to rest and relax in the middle of your road trip. It is a wonderful retreat with its cozy, relaxed atmosphere and a true African wildlife experience.

Camp Kwando (Day 5)

Location: Caprivi

Room category: Standard room

Equipment: wifi, outdoor pool, terrace, bar

Situated on the banks of the Kwando River, Camp Kwando invites you to discover the hidden treasures of an untamed land. Capture the spirit of the African bush while sipping a sundowner on the beautiful rooftop terrace. Thirteen thatched roof tents await you on the banks of the river. Built on posts with a deck overlooking the river. A special way to spend the night

Chobe Safari Lodge (Day 6 to 8)

Location: Kasane

Room category: Standard room

Equipment: Wi-Fi, outdoor pool, spa, bar, restaurant, cafe, gym

The magnificent Chobe Safari Lodge is situated on the banks of the Chobe River and offers breathtaking views of the river. The accommodation is located in Kasane, near the meeting of the borders of four African countries - Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia. It is highly recommended to visit the majestic Victoria Falls or the Caprivi region. You will definitely enjoy your time together here very much!
Planet Baobab (Day 9 and 10)

Location: Makgadikgadi Pans National Park Botswana

Room category: Standard room

Equipment: restaurant, (outdoor) pool, bar/lounge, mosquito net over bed, laundry service

Planet Baobab is one of the most original places to stay. From thatch-covered houses, to cool and cozy rooms, to a large outdoor pool area, everything can be found here, and in the middle of breathtaking nature! Because here visitors can experience the wildlife as well as the nature of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park up close.

Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa (Day 11 to 14)

Location: Ngamiland East Botswana

Room category: Standard room

Equipment: pool, air conditioning, wellness, free wifi, restaurant, bar/lounge, outdoor pool, laundry, spa area

Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa, located on the banks of the Thamalakane River in Maun, Botswana, is the best place to go to relax and unwind fully in the most luxurious spa area in Maun, in addition to numerous exciting safari experiences.

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What makes our trips special

Important information

Is it safe to travel by car through Namibia and Botswana?

Yes - Namibia and Botswana are safe countries for self-drive travel if you follow the usual rules.

On which side of the road do you drive in Namibia and Botswana?

You drive on the left side of the road in both countries.

Which car do we get?

4×4 off-road vehicle, automatic with camping equipment (R - TOYOTA HILUX 2.4L TD)

What is the condition of the roads?

The roads of Namibia and Botswana are generally in good condition. Most roads are passable with a normal passenger car, even the main routes through the deserts.

What happens in the event of a breakdown or accident?

In case something happens, emergency contacts are available, which you will be informed of upon arrival. The phone numbers are available around the clock. For small problems, so-called bush mechanics can usually provide direct assistance. Depending on the problem, you will be referred to the next possible garage, or a mechanic will come directly to you. If the car cannot be repaired, a replacement vehicle will be provided. In case of an accident, contact your emergency contact immediately and take photos of the damaged vehicle.

How does it work with navigation?

Before traveling to Namibia, we recommend the app Maps.me to install on your cell phone and download the Namibia Map there before arrival. It is a free app that navigates offline.

Should I get a SIM card?

It is recommended to get a SIM card (MTC Namibia or TN Mobile) and top it up with some phone credit if you plan to go to the parks alone.

What else should I look out for on a self-drive tour in Namibia-Botswana?

To have the smoothest self-drive adventure possible in Namibia and Botswana pay attention to the following things:

  • Always have enough cash with me (even at the gas stations is paid in cash)
  • Always take a charged cell phone with you
  • Always have enough water with you and if necessary something to eat
  • Find out in time where is the nearest gas station
  • Always park the car in a private/secured parking lot
  • Wild camping is not allowed
  • If possible, do not drive in the dark, from about 7 p.m. (many drivers sometimes do not turn on their lights, or drive with high beams).
  • Drive defensively - buses like to overtake, so always keep an eye on the rear view mirror
  • Always set the turn signal when turning and overtaking
  • Avoid potholes
  • Do not drive faster than allowed
  • Always turn on the central locking in cities
  • Do not leave valuables unattended in the car
  • Always have your driver's license with you
  • Do not overload the car
  • Always turn on your headlights
  • Drive carefully and take into account that wild animals may run in front of your car.
  • In the parks it is best to be accompanied by a ranger
  • No entrance to the national parks after 6 pm
  • You must be at least 21 years old to drive the car

Is the trip suitable for children?

Traveling by car through Namibia with children is possible and child seats for the car are provided on request.

Do you offer trip cancellation insurance?

Should you not be able to fly for health reasons, there is a Travel cancellation insurancee.g. from HanseMerkur.

Can I arrive earlier or leave later?

You can individually plan a few days in advance or add a few days to all our trips, as it suits you best. Of course, we are also happy to give you tips for accommodation!

What does your collaboration with local partners look like in concrete terms?

For us, supporting locals means working only with local guides, staying in local, family-run hotels, and eating at local restaurants. We often have a social/environmental cause that we incorporate into our trips (from volunteering at a wildlife rescue center in Namibia to the support of Buddhist monks in Nepal in their daily work or visiting a school in a Soviet ghost town in Kyrgyzstan and bringing soccer balls, books, pens, etc.).

General information

Please note that the itinerary, activities and hotels may be subject to change. These changes may occur without notice due to availability, inclement weather, seasonal changes or other circumstances beyond our control. We will always do our best to ensure that this has little or no impact on your experience.

Your travel highlights
  • experience unique route together with loved ones
  • very extensive tool equipment that leaves nothing to be desired
  • breathtaking wildlife and nature
  • impressive national parks
  • 2x breakfast
(These or comparable accommodations)
  • 1x overnight stay Discovery Bed & Breakfast
  • 1x overnight Guma Lagoon Camp
  • 2x overnight stay Nunda River Lodge
  • 1x overnight Camp Kwando
  • 3x overnight Chobe Safari Lodge
  • 2x overnight stay Planet Baobab
  • 3x overnight Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa


  • Rental car during the trip
  • Airport transfer on arrival and departure day (07h30 - 16h30)

If the airport transfer is needed on another day, we can arrange it for you for an extra fee.

Camping equipment

  • 1 roof tent
  • 1 mattresses with sheets
  • 2 pillows/blankets
  • Refrigerator
  • Gas stove
  • Grill + Accessories
  • Table / 2 chairs
  • Gas cylinders
  • Pans/Pots
  • Cooking utensils
  • Tableware,...


  • Toolbox
  • Tow rope
  • Warning triangle
  • Compressor
  • Tire tensioner
  • Jack + wooden block for jack
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid bag
  • Spade/axe
  • Spare fuses
  • Original
    Vehicle tools
Other included services
  • Necessary One Way Fee and Cross Border Fee of almost 500€.
  • Individual meeting on arrival
  • Standard car insurance
  • 24 hours roadside assistance
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Compressor
  • 2 drivers allowed
  • Orientation maps
  • Vehicle/Self-Drive Briefing
  • Detailed vaccination and packing list (PDF)
  • 110% CO2 offset for flight and travel
  • 1 tree planted per person
  • 24/7 Whatsapp support through TripLegend before and during the trip
Before the trip
On site
  • Flights
  • Fuel
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Entrance to museums and national parks (~ EUR 18.- per day)
  • Standard deposit ( N$40.000 / ca.2.500€)
    • The deposit can be reduced for an additional fee. The following options are available for this purpose:
      • Reduced deposit 1: N$20.000 - fee per day: 8€.
      • Reduced deposit 2: N$5.000 - fee per day: 15€.
      • Reduced deposit 3: N$0 - Fee per day: 25€
  • Sattelite Phone -> on site
  • GPS/ navigation system -> on site
Optional activities 

Chobe Safari Lodge Activities Game Drive

For a surcharge of 110€ you can book a game drive in Chobe National Park in our store and experience Botswana's wildlife up close.

Chobe Safari Lodge Activities Boat Cruise

Would you prefer to explore Chobe National Park from the water? Then book it for 110€ in our store


German citizens do not need a visa for tourist stays of up to 90 days per year.
In addition to the standard vaccinations according to the RKI, travel vaccinations against hepatitis A, and for long-term stays or special exposure also against hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies and meningococcal disease (ACWY) are recommended. Malaria is transmitted by crepuscular and nocturnal Anopheles mosquitoes. There is a high risk of malaria in Namibia throughout the year in the north and northeast of the country (Zambezi/Caprivi Strip, Kavango West, Kavango East, Ohangwena, in the north of Omusati, Oshikoto). A high risk of malaria can be expected in the Otjozondjupa district in the northeast of the country from September to May, and a low risk from June to August. A low risk exists year-round in the northwest including the Kunene District as well as Etosha National Park. In the rest of the country the malaria risk is minimal. Windhoek, the coast, the Namib Desert and the areas south of Karasburg are considered malaria-free. To avoid malaria, protect yourself consistently from insect bites as part of exposure prophylaxis. In Botswana, there is a high risk in the north (northern Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park with upper Kasana, Ghanzi, Ngamiland, Tutume District,Moremi Game Reserve), during the rainy season from November to May. There is a lower risk there in the dry season from June to October. From November to May, there is also a low risk of malaria in the parts of the country further east and southeast in the border areas with Zimbabwe (Bobirwa and Selebi-Phikwe regions) including Francistown and Palapye. Depending on the travel profile, chemoprophylaxis (taking tablets) is also advisable in addition to the necessary exposure prophylaxis. Various prescription drugs (e.g. atovaquone-proguanil, doxycycline, mefloquine) are available on the German market for this purpose. Discuss the choice of medication and its personal adaptation as well as side effects or incompatibilities with other medications with a tropical medicine doctor or travel physician before taking it. It is recommended to take a sufficient supply with you.

You have the possibility to book your round trip both with and without included flight. If necessary, you can easily request your flights for the round trip via WhatsApp and we will send you a personal offer. All our selected flights are operated by renowned airlines. For a flight from/to Germany you can also book our "train to flight" offer. 

Please note that the itinerary, activities and hotels may be subject to change. These changes may occur without notice due to availability, inclement weather, seasonal changes or other circumstances beyond our control. We will always do our best to ensure that this has little or no impact on your experience.

Check the entry requirements

Just enter here your information and see directly if and how your entry and exit is possible. (Third-party supplier, data without guarantee)



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