5 Best Sailing Destinations in the World

Sailing is the best holiday option when it comes to exploring unknown seas and having a good time with your family and friends accompanied by the best possible views of turquoise waters. TripLegend is here to guide you through your next sailing journey and encourage you to embark on this unique experience.


A sailing trip on Turkey’s Aegean coast will help you get a taste of the pure magic of crystal-clear waters. Whether you like to have a get together with your crew or join a group sailing tour to expand your circle, Turkish sailing itineraries will help you enjoy the freedom of the sea and make you forget the exhausting and unpredictable year that we are slowly leaving behind. 

Aegean Sea, Turkey

Turkey’s Aegean Coast is home to various hidden treasures, from picturesque beaches to historical sites. To escape the crowds and feel the rhythm of the Aegean Sea, you can choose the Turkish Gulf of Gokova as your starting location. The Gulf of Gokova is located between Bodrum Peninsula and Datca Peninsula in Turkey’s southwest, where the water is clear as crystal. Here, you can enjoy snorkeling or take a walk on the coastline with the smell of the beautiful pine forests and olive groves accompanying you. Do not forget to try the famous Bitez ice cream at Bitez Dondurma for a fresh summer feeling. 

sailing turkey
Bodrum, Turkey


Sailing in the former house of Vikings. It sounds good to us!

Sweden is not the first place to come to mind when planning a sailing trip. But the country’s sailing itineraries make it possible to sail in the shining waters of the beautiful Stockholm Archipelago.

sailing sweden

The Stockholm archipelago, which has almost 33,000 islands, is one of the world’s biggest archipelagos. It is a paradise for sailors as the wind makes it possible to create the best possible sailing itineraries. Taking a refreshing swim in the Baltic Sea and hiking for incredible panoramic views of thousands of islands will allow you to experience the Nordic summer truly. 

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden


The country is home to over 7,000 islands, which means that there is more than enough to discover and explore during your sailing trip to this fantastic destination. If you choose one of the country’s many uninhabited islands, you can enjoy a snorkel in turquoise oceans and a swim in serenity.

sailing philippines

The Mundong Sandbar, a virgin sandbar that disappears during high tide, is where many sailors prefer as this region has the best waters to sail and swim in. Here you can enjoy views of colorful coral reefs and varieties of fish when you dive deep into its ocean. 

El Nido, Philippines

The French Riviera 

Without a doubt, this sailing destination is one of the best ones to prefer if you like to enjoy a beautiful and relaxed Mediterranean vacation. Côte d’Azur’s blue-colored sea that gives name its name to this place offers travelers scenic wonders and picturesque beaches with the best sailing itineraries.

sailing french riviera

Although the French Riviera is famous for its luxury yachts and famous jet-setters, the destination is home to some tranquil towns and islands such as Porquerolles, St Raphaël, and Bormes-les-Mimosas. After spending some time in the stylish towns of Cannes and St. Tropez, you can escape to these small islands for sunset cruises and maybe deep-sea fishing.

Antibes, France


Greece is, by no doubt, one of the best destinations when it comes to sailing. The Ionian Sea, a part of the Mediterranean Sea positioned south of the Adriatic, is the perfect destination for a sailing adventure as the Ionian islands of Ithaki, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxi, Zakynthos, and Corfu offer sailors the most picturesque scenes with their hidden bays and picturesque beaches.

sailing greece
Lefkada, Greece

If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a calm and refreshing Mediterranean summer, the islands of Atokos, Kefalonia, and Kalamos will be the perfect choice for you. In this Greek sailing itinerary, you can even get to see Homer’s Ithaca and dive deeper into your own Greek odyssey. 

TripLegend’s Sailing Dream Adventure can take you to the shining Greek seas without you having to worry about anything. All you have to do is to take your luggage, watch the breathtaking Greek sunsets, and drink your ouzo while toasting to life.

Do not forget to check out our sailing trip to learn more about this unique destination and get a major dose of wanderlust and adventure during these tough times.

Ithaca, Greece
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