Air Travel In The Age Of Coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic massively affected the tourism industry. Now that the borders are opening again, air travel is changing and adopting safety regulations.

SimpliFlying, an aviation marketing consultancy, published a report that shows how the future of air travel will change for good. 

Air Travel At Doha
Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

The Rise of Sanitised Air Travel

The report helps travelers and airline companies adapt to the new realities of sanitised travel.

The company predicts that passengers will be required to have an immunity passport to be able to travel. They may need to arrive at the airport 4 hours before their flights as the new changes will create more hassle.

Passenger With A Face Mask At Airport

According to the report, seatback pockets will be left empty. There will be touchless kiosks in airport terminals. Disinfection tunnels and thermal scanners will be introduced to reduce the risk of infection during air travel. 

After going through fogging at the check-in belt, bags will be “sanitagged”. Sanitagging should also occur at security checkpoints and upon arrival to the destination. 

In-flight janitors will be introduced in air travel to make sure the cabin is clean and sanitised throughout the flight.

Air Travel, Passenger Traveling
Passenger Traveling With A Face Mask And Shield

As research shows, coronavirus can survive on many surfaces for hours. “People may acquire the coronavirus through the air and after touching contaminated objects.” WHO recommends everyone to wash their hands regularly to reduce the risk of infection. However, we all know that it is not really possible when you are traveling and carrying your luggage.

The introduction of sanitagged bags can be a significant step to create a safer air travel environment for travelers who want to continue their journeys while adapting to new realities of the world. 

Although it may require some time and investment to create a sanitised air travel environment for travelers, SimpliFlying acknowledges that collaborations between airlines, airports and governments can help speed up the process.

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