Coffee Tourism: Our Top 5 Destinations

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Waking up in the morning to head to the office. Sleepless nights and busy days. What is it that motivates us to leave our comfortable beds? Right. It’s coffee! It is the ultimate fuel with a magical substance. If you are also a coffee fan who keeps going from one coffee shop to another to discover the best flavors, then why not do that in your next travel destination? In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 destinations worldwide for coffee tourism.



When we think of coffee tourism, then Columbia comes right into our minds. Salento is where you can have one of the best experiences in Colombia. While enjoying the marvelous Colombian landscape, you can have a farm tour and learn more about the process of growing and harvesting Colombian beans.

Coffee Farm
Salento, Colombia

If you feel like being more adventurous and escaping the city centre, then we recommend you visit Jardín, Antioquia. It takes almost four hours to get there from Medellin, but it is definitely worth it!


In Brazil, Rio das Flores region is the home to greatest coffee plantations. 

Brazil Rio De Janeiro
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Before enjoying your freshly roasted drink, you can have a chance to learn harvesting techniques at a farm and spend the rest of your day resting at a Brazilian beach. 


This destination is especially for mild coffee lovers. Because the coffee in Coorg, which is located in the region of Karnataka, is grown in the shade. 

Coffee Plant Coorg India
Coorg, Karnataka, India

This growing process, makes it mild and smooth, creating the best option for the “keep things simple and sweet” kind of coffee lovers.


Coffee in Myanmar has been getting more and more recognition from international markets lately. Arabica and also Robusta are harvested and grown in the regions of the Shan and Mon State.

Coffee Farmers Myanmar
Old Bagan, Myanmar

TripLegend organizes trips to Myanmar, where you can learn more about this amazing country! To learn more about our epic “Myanmar Unlocked” trip, simply click here.


Have you ever heard of the cà phê đá before? Well, if not, we will tell you. It is a traditional iced coffee that is made using dark-roast Vietnamese coffee prepared with a Vietnamese drip filter. 

Vietnamese Coffee

Due to the lack of availability of fresh milk, the Vietnamese use sweetened condensed milk in the preparation process. If you would like to learn more about this country, we recommend you to visit a coffee farm in Đà Lạt and enjoy the stunning Vietnamese highlands. 

After all this inspiration, think about coffee tourism when planning your next trip!