Having problems with falling asleep on long-distance flights?

TripLegend has 5 hacks for you to drift off in no time. 

Many of us probably know how hard it is to fall asleep on an airplane. Especially, when you are on a business trip and you need to be awake and fully energized for your upcoming meeting. However, some things can facilitate the burden. 

First, book a red-eye flight. If your plane is leaving around the time you’d normally go to bed, your body is already pre-wired to get sleepy around that time. This can also help you to overcome the dreaded jetlag. 

Photo by Aleksei Zaitcev on Unsplash

Second, choose your seat wisely. No one wants to be stuck in the middle for 12 hours. Choosing an aisle seat means you may have to get up often to let your seatmates out. Being near the board kitchen and lavatories you may get distracted by movements and queues. Therefore, the window seat is the perfect option that guarantees a good view and a nice headrest all in one. 

Third, invest in noise-canceling headphones. This will drown out the noise of the passenger surrounding you. Downloading a podcast can further help you to fall straight into relax-mode and to fall asleep much faster.

Fourth, Comfortable clothes, sleeping masks, and neck pillows can work wonders. In addition to that, don’t forget to pack layers (particularly, warm socks) as planes are prone to getting chilly shortly after takeoff.

Fifth, it’s a fine line between staying hydrated and not needing to disturb your seatmates every hour as you need to head to the lavatories. But, try to stay hydrated during the flight to avoid headaches and dehydration. Alcohol generally doesn’t count. However, sometimes enjoying a glass of red wine can also help to fall asleep. 

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

Whether for business or personal travels – apply these hacks on your next flight and see how you can relax anytime, anywhere.

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