Inle Lake: Myanmar’s Most Captivating Attraction

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Imagine yourself taking a boat ride over the Inle Lake just before the sunrise. The only thing you hear is the stillness and calmness of the lake until the boatman starts the engine. You watch the sun showing itself shyly behind the mountains. The sunlight shines through the water, and a fresh wind blows on your face. Your encounter with the Intha fisherman makes you feel grateful that you made it here this morning.

Inle Lake Fishermen

Because the Inle Lake is not just a tourist attraction in Myanmar. It is about the traditions of its people and the spirit that it offers to the ever-curious traveler.

The Fishermen of Inle Lake

One of the reasons why you should take a boat ride over Inle Lake is to see the traditional Intha fishermen with their unique leg-rowing technique.

The Intha fishermen and their traditional leg-rowing technique is well known in the Asian continent. The fishermen of the lake use their one leg to balance on the front of the boat, and their other leg to acrobatically handle and guide their conical nets through the lake. This unique style of fishing has emerged due to the reeds and floating plants in the water, which makes it difficult for fishermen to see across the water while sitting.

Inle Lake

They owe their strong sense of balance to mastering this technique at an early age. However, many of the fishermen have started to use motorboats and vast netting recently. That’s why we advise all travelers to visit this fascinating destination before mass tourism catches up.

Inle Lake

Besides the Intha fishermen’s unique way of catching fish in the shallow water, the lake offers many more attractions. While floating by, you will witness the local village life of the Inthas and get to see human-made floating gardens.

You will also witness the local community’s lifestyle and how they live in stilted houses above the water.

Lotus Weaving

Lotus Weaving Inle Lake

Besides its magical views, floating gardens and villages, its unique fishermen, the Inle lake offers travelers unforgettable experiences. Among them, a special handicraft of the Inthas, which is the lotus weaving, can be an exceptional local experience during your time in Myanmar.

Lotus Weaving Inle Lake

The geographical conditions of the Inle Lake make it easier for lotus plants to grow in abundance here. By visiting the floating villages of Kyaing Khan and In Paw Khon over the Inle Lake, you can get to know from the talented Burmese ladies about the process of lotus fabric weaving.

We promise you that your trip to Myanmar will not be just a visit to another country; it will be a lifetime experience that will stay with you at all times.

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