Kyrgyzstan’s Broken Heart: Fairytale of a Tragic Love Story

Broken Heart Mountain Kyrgyzstan
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Close to the village of Jeti-Oguz in the region of the Issyk-Kul Lake lies one of the most beautiful and impressive red rock formations. 

The sandstone formation can be viewed from both sides with two completely different sites. On the south side, you will find the ‘Seven Bulls’ and on the north side the ‘Broken Heart’. The latter is a heart-shaped hill that appears to be torn in half.

Legend says Kyrgyzstan’s ‘Broken Heart’ originates from a story of a woman and two of her suitors. While they were fighting for her love they killed each other at the same time and left her with a broken heart. She never loved again and this rock is her, forever, broken heart. 

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Photo credit: Dan Lundberg