Overtourism and How to Avoid It

Tourism is a major source of income for many countries. It boosts the economy and generates employment. Despite its benefits, however, tourism can cause a number of problems, which can affect the environment and local communities. Especially with overtourism, some destinations struggle with the negative consequences that emerge from growing tourist numbers.

So, it is essential to understand what overtourism really means to provide solutions to this problem.


What is Overtourism?

Responsible Tourism Partnership describes overtourism as “destinations where hosts or guests, locals or visitors, feel that there are too many visitors and that the quality of life in the area or the quality of the experience has deteriorated unacceptably.” In a report published by the World Tourism Organization(UNWTO), it is acknowledged that overtourism is mostly due to ‘the absence of good management and uncontrolled development’. Some destinations have a growing number of tourists, whereas some are waiting for their visitors to discover them.


A study shows that the native population of Venice will be zero by 2030. This means that the city will be only for tourists in just ten years. It is possible to see the consequences of overtourism in faraway destinations of the world as well. A tour guide from Machu Picchu, Nelson Huaman Quispe, says, “Many tourists do things they shouldn’t do.” “For example, some people climb the structures. Some take the stones. Some mark up the floor, do things they shouldn’t. … It’s chaos.” Like Venice, Machu Picchu is on UNESCO’s  List of World Heritage in Danger as a result of overtourism. 

What Can We Do To Prevent It?

To provide solutions to this problem, the World Tourism Organization recommends improving capacity and time spent at attractions. It is also essential to ensure that local communities benefit from tourism. As TripLegend, we believe that choosing less-visited destinations is beneficial to avoid overtourism. The world is full of secret gems that need your attention. To avoid overtourism, you can simply choose a less-visited destination for your next adventure and adopt sustainable practices.

forest and a road

As Triplegend, we are advocates of eco-friendly travel. We avoid popular destinations and prefer discovering secret gems of the world. While doing so, we offset the carbon footprint of our travelers and plant a tree for every individual guest joining us on our adventures.

To read more about what you can do to adopt sustainable and responsible travel practices, have a look at our Eco-Friendly Travel Guide.

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