The Legend of the Seven Bulls of Kyrgyzstan

The Seven Bull Rock - Jety Oguz Claire Cox
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Just 40 minutes away from the Kyrgyz city of Karakol, you can find yourself in the middle of magical beauty and magnificence. The Seven Bulls from Kyrgyzstan are natural sandstone formations and located in the Issyk-Kul province. The area is geologically protected, and it belongs to one of the most beautiful landmarks in Kyrgyzstan.

The impressive rock formations’ name derives from its resemblance to seven bulls lying down and a century-old legend. The Seven Bulls rock formation is a national symbol in Kyrgyzstan and is surrounded by beautiful valleys and pastures. 

The legend of the Seven Bulls is about a story of two Khans, one of whom had a beautiful wife the other Khan fell in love with. This inflicted war and a rivalry between them. Afraid of losing his newly found woman, he decided the only way to keep her would be to kill her. For that purpose, he organized a festival and for seven bulls to be killed along with his woman. 

The blood running from her heart and from that of the seven bulls washed away everything and killed everyone. The bulls’ blood washed them through the valley to the point where the rock formations are found today. Here they lay to rest and turned into red rocks.

Viewed from the north side, the rock formation depicts an entirely different picture. This site was named the ‘Broken Heart’ after another legend.
In our trip to Kyrgyzstan, you can experience the sheer magnitude and beauty of these natural wonders yourself and walk where once those two Khans fought for love.

Could we interest you in Kyrgyzstan’s legends? If you like, you can read about the equally interesting story behind the ‘Broken Heart Fairytale.  We guess you can’t wait for the possibility for you to visit those breathtakingly beautiful sites. Check out our amazing trips to Kyrgyzstan and other destinations.

Photo Credit: Claire Cox