Toasting and The Art of Georgian Supra

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Toasting is an ancient ritual, an expression of joy and happiness. In Odysseus, Odyssey toasted to Achilles’s health. In ancient Rome, citizens of Rome drank to Emperor Augustus during every meal. The spirit of festivity had been widespread in ancient and modern history. The Georgian supra is also one of those centuries-old traditions that is defined by lots of food, toasting, family and friends.

Georgians love to gather, feast, eat and drink together. Their feast, supra, proves how they turned celebration into an art form, because each toast at a supra carries a meaning and tells a story about Georgian hospitality, history and culture.

Let’s explore today the famous Georgian toasts and what makes them so unique and inspiring.

To the Feast

At a supra, the opening toast is made in honour of the feast. Guests, together with the tamada, celebrate the start of the party.

To the Family

This toast shows how Georgians care for their family bonds. They remember their parents, thank them and also wish them health and a blessed life.

A Father Toasting To His Son Who Died Years Ago
A father toasting to his son, who lost his life years ago
photo by Vladimer Shioshvili, flickr

To the Deceased

The deceased are never forgotten at a Georgian supra. Georgians pay their homage to their ancestors with this toast. Also, in memory of their lost ones, all of the guests dip a piece of their bread into their wine and put the bread on the edge of their plate.

To the Children

Each toast to the deceased is followed by a toast to children, who represent the future of the country.

To Motherland Georgia

Georgians love to celebrate their history and culture. If there is a foreign guest at the table, they also toast to the country of the guest and tamada talks about the friendship between two countries.

To Women

With this toast, Georgians thank the women who prepared the food for the supra and contributed to such a special event. They also toast to all women, as creatures who must be respected and valued.

To Peace

This toast has a special meaning for Georgians as the country had a long and difficult history of wars and occupations. They celebrate peace and the rich history of their country.

To Friends Who Could Not Be At the Table

Guests remember their friends who could not make it to the supra because they are sick or have to work.

To the Host Family

Guests dedicate this drink to the host family, who made it possible to bring everyone together with this special event.

As you see, there are lots of toasts in Georgia. With a little creativity, you can also have your own toast at a Georgian supra and celebrate life like a local Georgian.

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To all the adventures that await you!