A Private Trip Just for You

TripLegend’s Private Group Trips are the perfect way to spend time with your friends, family or colleagues while enjoying truly local and unique experiences in off the beaten path destinations.

Whether it is an unforgettable holiday get together with a group of friends or an adventurous escape with colleagues, you can enjoy your destination with an exclusive TripLegend touch. Our expert local guides will make sure you and your crew explore the world with a unique perspective and return home with unforgettable memories.

What to Expect?

Why go private?

Your trip, your people

It is your choice of how and who you travel with. As a group you can take over any date. Remember that more people means more savings, so gather your group and start scheduling your private TripLegend adventure today.

Private doesn't mean pricey

You will receive better prices the larger your group gets. And as the private trip organizer you are eligible to receive special savings when you bring a group of 8 or more guests in 2021.

Easy to book

With just one phone call, you are 100% ready to go. We will even give you up to 14 days to gather your group together. Thousands of available dates—researched, booked and ready to go.

Gather Your Group